Solar Pool Heating Is Cheap and Easy

Swimming pools are one of the biggest consumers of energy throughout the world, and this can be greatly reduced by pool solar heating. For the past three decades more and more swimming pools are heated with solar pool heating panels. This is one of the best investments a person can make whether they already have a heated pool or are building a new one. solar pool heating Melbourne costs a bit more to install than conventional heating systems, but they make up for the difference in the first two to three years because of the savings in energy costs.

Heating your pool can double the length of time you enjoy it. Solar heating is a way to extent your swimming time without increasing your energy bills. The time can be extended from three to four months to up to nine months. Just because the air turns cooler, doesn’t mean your pool water needs to be cold.

Reliable and Safe 

A solar pool heater has no fans or compressors that can break down, and it has no heat exchangers that get corroded. The water is heated as it passes through a series of solar absorbers that are installed in the roof. The warm water is returned to the pool. This type of heater will last for years with minimal cost because the energy used to heat the water is free. The solar absorbers can be on any north-facing surface including a specially-built structure or the roof of a garage or patio cover.

All solar heating is environmentally-friendly, but it’s even more important for a heating a pool. It eliminates the use of fossil fuels and chemical refrigerants that contribute to acid rain, air pollution and ozone depletion. It also reduces the amount of energy the utility company needs to give you.

How It Works 

A solar system can be integrated with the existing filtration equipment or it can be independent. For independent installations, the water from the pool is pumped by a solar pump into the solar absorbers and returned to the pool. With an integrated system, the pool water is taken after the filtration pump where a smaller solar pump sends the water to the roof and back.

The size of system required depends on several factors. These are the size of the pool, the geographic area, the average wind and humidity levels, where the solar collectors are placed and how long you want to extend the comfortable swimming season. A professional technician can determine the best installation conditions for each individual situation.

If you use a pool cover at night or have a high hedge or retaining wall, then strong winds will not be able to cool the water in the night. A cover will also reduce evaporation, which will further reduce heating costs by up to 80%. If you are installing a new pool, it will save you money in the long-term to provide for solar heating from the beginning.

Other Benefits 

• Solar pool heaters are virtually maintenance-free. The filtration system and chemical balance needs to be regularly monitored and checked.

• Solar heaters are suitable for indoor pools, hotel and school pools and large municipal pools. Each system is custom designed for maximum efficiency.

• With free heat energy, this is one of the best investments you can make for your home. It will increase your home’s resale value because it is a feature that attracts homebuyers.

• Commercial pools will achieve a 100 percent return on investment in about 18 months. After that, you’ll save thousands of dollars every year.

• With a heated pool in your backyard, you can do low-impact exercises and aerobics all year round without going to a gym.

A swimming pool is a major feature in any backyard and used for summer fun and entertainment, exercising and just relaxation. A solar heater has a long lifespan and will allow you to use your pool longer with low operating costs and a small carbon footprint.

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