The Importance Of A Gas Safety Check

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It’s amazing how so many of us can forget to take care of the basic measures that keep us safe in our own homes.  Getting your gas appliances safety checked annually reduces the risk of a gas incident occurring.  Poorly-serviced or badly-serviced gas appliances put you at risk of gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.  And yet getting it booked in and waiting in for the gas man seems to remain one of those things we just don’t get around to.

If you live in the North West and are using older appliances in your home it’s even more imperative that you are vigilant about having them regularly inspected.  These appliances are three times more likely to be dangerous compared to new appliances that are used less frequently.

How to Look After your Gas Appliances

You absolutely must get your gas appliances safety checked every single year.  Just the same as you get your car MOT’d. An annual gas safety check will make sure your gas appliances are working properly.  Gas appliances also need to be serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

When thinking about getting your appliances check most of us only consider the boiler.  However, there were four times more defects found in gas fires than boilers in the North West last year so make sure you don’t neglect your other appliances for checking.

What you will need

Try to make sure you have the manufacturer’s installation instructions obtainable for each appliance.  The engineer will need these, as well as other industry guidance documents to make sure the appliance is safe.  Keep this in mind when moving into a new home with pre-existing appliances.  Remember to ask the previous occupiers for these documents, as well as the previous gas safety certificate so you know when it expires.  If they don’t have them or are unable to find them it is possible to obtain copies using your model number so you should ensure you get some before your next gas safety check is due.

How much does a Gas Safety Check Cost?

Costs do vary in different areas of the country, but as a rough guide you can estimate that your gas safety check will cost between £25 and £70.  A very small amount to protect the safety of yourself and your family.  For an accurate quote you’d need to contact a local gas engineer or company.  But you must make certain that they are Gas Safe registered and have therefore completed the necessary gas safety courses.

If you are currently in receipt of benefits and are on your energy supplier’s Priority Service Register you could be entitled to free Gas Safety Checks from your energy supplier.  Contact your supplier for more information.

What you should do if you’re a Tenant

If you rent your property, your landlord is required to have the gas appliances that they own safety checked once a year, by law.  For proof of this yearly check, your landlord has to give you a copy of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Record.  For more information, go to

How to Book a Check

To book a Gas Safety Check on your gas appliances you will need to find a registered engineer in your local area. You can do this by visiting or by calling 0800 408 5500

What is a Gas Safety Check?

A registered engineer will carry out checks to ensure the appliances are operating correctly. These checks include.

•             Gas appliances are correctly installed and burning correctly with the right operating pressure

•             Harmful gases are leaving your property safely

•             All ventilation routes are correctly sized, clear and working properly

•             All the safety devices are working

By law, engineers must be Gas Safe registered to work on your gas appliances. It is important that you check their Gas Safe ID card.

Last year 18 people died and 399 were injured from gas related incidents.  Is it really worth taking the risk?

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