What You Need To Know About Anabolic Steroids and Why It’s A Controlled Substance

controlled substance

Anabolic steroids are a controlled substance not just in Ireland but in some countries as well like the United States and Australia. While some are controlled, some are even illegal because of its potential harm.

Steroids, in general, are made as a medicine for cancer, asthma and even for allergy, for a person taking it for the purpose of body building and to increase in performance. Even if the drug is very effective in giving these kinds of effects it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s side effects is life threatening.

Controlled substance: we can’t really erase the fact that anabolic steroids are a controlled substance; it’s even banned in sports because of its properties and its capabilities that aren’t natural and damaging. When you take this drug you need a deep knowledge of what this type of drug is all about, not just its benefits and side effects but also the dosage, its danger signs and the cycle.

Bodybuilders and athletes: Is the reason why this is a controlled substance because there are the people that uses and abuses the drug without consulting an expert and also obtaining it illegally for their personal use. And for a good reason, bodybuilding and training is multidisciplinary, it involves fitness and nutrition, if that’s not overwhelming enough you added pharmacology to the equation that made it more complicated.

Lack of knowledge: If you don’t consult an expert and just read every information you need for an anabolic steroid you still don’t know everything, this is the reason why people that doesn’t need to take it always gets overdosed because people that needs it consulted an expert and doesn’t have and even has a lower chance in getting overdosed. Also because the people that needs it only has the dosage and the side effects to remember, unlike body building that has to worry about the higher dosage, the intervals, the cycles and side effects not to mention their nutrition and their work out plan.

Sourcing: Since in some major countries anabolic steroids is controlled and illegal if it’s not prescribed, people that wants to use it either source these drugs online or go to countries that they can easily obtain this drug and other controlled drugs used for enhancement. This is the more expensive option though.

The best advice: Take it only if you need it, if you don’t need to then don’t take it. And just train and build the right way, there’s nothing wrong with slow progression than fast progression with side effects because after the youth is gone, the contests, the sport and the championships what will be left are the side effects of the drugs that you took and you have to suffer for that.

What people should know that the reason why this is a controlled substance because of its risk, and how people that don’t need to take it, have more likely chance to overdose it. It also has damaging effects on the body when used excessively and in long term.

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