5 Food & Wine Combinations You Must Experience

Food and wine are one of life’s quintessential pairings; sun and moon, salt and pepper, food and wine, the two go hand in hand for good reason. When you find the right food and wine pairing it can make an ordinary meal seem magical so here are some great food and wine pairings that can be enjoyed at any time.

Soup and Vermouth 

Vermouth is a drink rarely enjoyed on its own which is a shame because the intense blend of spice and slightly tart flavours of both red and white vermouths are a great way to start a meal. Soup too does not get a great say in meals and soups are rarely paired with any drink other than water. But soups generally have a wonderful mixture of spice and vegetables and are strong in flavour and so match well with vermouth. So next time you have a bowl of soup grab some Martini too and you may well be surprised

Sushi and Prosecco

Prosecco is often billed simply as a cheaper alternative to champagne and, although this is true, the flavour of Prosecco should be appreciated in its own right. Good Proseccos have light and floral favours with citrus notes like lemon and grapefruit which make it a great accompaniment to desert but also sushi. The naturally clean taste of sushi is enhanced by Prosecco and even the deep saltiness of soy sauce and the intense spice of wasabi is complemented. Sushi is often seen as a quick and healthy lunch time snack but can be made into a relaxing and enjoyable meal with Prosecco.

Steak and Shiraz

Many people automatically go to Cabernet Sauvignon when they choose a steak, which is fine as the strong and rich flavours of the Cabernet are tailor made for steak. However Shiraz, especially from Australia or even a French Syrah with their natural spiciness adds a level of depth to steak, especially well peppered steak that Cabernet Sauvignon cannot match. This also works well for things like burgers, a good rack of ribs or even a vegetarian mushroom stroganoff.

Fish and Chips and Chenin Blanc 

Yes, that’s right; enhance your Friday night take away with this food and wine pairing. Choose a Chenin Blanc from South Africa with their intensely clean flavours and slight wood aftertaste and fish and chips will never taste the same again. The light and flaky fish with the strong crispy batter work well with the wine and with the wine’s natural acidity enhancing the flavour of the fish. Don’t worry; it is still well enjoyed with plenty of salt and vinegar too.

Chocolate Cake and Port 

This is a classic food and wine combination for a reason. Chocolate generally balances well with strong red wines and can even be drank with something like a Cabernet Franc for instance but it is in fortified wine such as Port that the balance with chocolate is best seen. Choose something with red berry flavours like Graham’s 2009 LBV Port to enjoy the marriage of flavours that can end a meal perfectly or just be a treat to enjoy after any occasion.

So what did you think of our food and wine pairings? We hope they help to bring extra enjoyment to your meals. If you have any of your own food and wine pairings do let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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