What To Gift Your Loved Ones This Eid?

What To Gift Your Loved Ones This Eid?

Eid is the religious event of celebration for Muslims. Eid is the day for tremendous joy and unmatched happiness. Every Muslim wears new clothes, Eat good food and enjoys eating sweets for this special day. And fitrana is given to the poor to let them enjoy the happiness of Eid.  It is the time when the Muslims exchange greetings of Eid and present gift to the loved ones as a token of love which is called as Eidi. The most popular gift is the cash Eidi but other than the cash there are many other things which you can present to your loved ones. There is no doubt that gift is the most highlighted feature of Eid and it also solidified the boundaries of love.  There is no better way to show love and care on Eid than with a gift. The gifting has no limits you can present any things you want to but when it comes to gifting on Eid there are some traditional that looks really good as a gift.

Here are some guidelines for Eid gift hope you will find your way from these:

Sweets and Cakes:

 The Eid UL filter is also called as sweet Eid. So when it comes to exchanging gifts then cakes and Sweets are the number one choice.Whether you are visiting someone’s place inviting family and friends for a lunch or party or want to send wishes to a faraway family or friend it’s the best option. Everyone loves to savor them to enjoy Eid.  Most of my relatives are living in the UK, so I make cakes delivery UK online and send my love to my loved ones on this auspicious occasion.

Traditional Dress:

 No matter what you wear throughout the year. Eid is a time for traditional dressing, especially in Asian countries. The men loved to wear KameezShalwar and vest court with caps when going for the Eid prayers. Women also wear traditional dresses with bangles and Mehandi on hand. Gift traditional dresses with jewelry, bangles and Mehandi is an amazing idea. What can be more comforting feeling then knowing that your loved one is wearing your gift on Eid Day?

Food Hamper:

An ideal gift for the special occasion of Eid is a food hamper loaded with the fruits dry fruits, candies, sweets, cookies and other food items that are liked by the recipient. You can make a hamper by your own assembling the items according to your budget.

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