You Are What You Eat: TOP 5 Health Food Shops In Canada

You Are What You Eat: TOP 5 Health Food Shops In Canada

It is not an easy thing to do to be healthy. By the way, it is not only useful but up-to-date. People from all over the world want to be healthy. How about Canada? The healthy way life means nothing if you are not going to keep the healthy diet. Canada is full of so-called Health Food Shops. Every small or big city boasts the shops of natural food and products, natural cosmetics.

Big Carrot

Big Carrot is one of the best popular shops in the region of Danforth since 1983. All products that you can buy here are certified. You do not need to read the long-long texts about the product ingredients and characteristics. Nevertheless, you can get the answers all your questions. The shop is situated in so-called Carrot Common that includes the list of health food services: fresh bar, kitchen, food store. You can also buy food for your pets here.

You have no problem to find the goods for your special diet: with no salt or sugar, or gluten. Vegetarian diet also includes the wide choice of ready-to-make dishes. The local farmers bring their fruits and vegetables every season for sale. Speaking about the Carrot kitchen, it was very small. The kitchen was renewed and you can order something healthy and tasty to eat. How about the Vegan Californian sandwich? All Carrot shops are huge to occupy the territory of more than 10,000 square metric foots.


Noah’s Natural Foods

Noah’s Natural Foods has 4 specialized shops on the territory of Toronto. The prices in the center can be higher than the prices in the different city regions. You can be pleasantly surprised what a big choice of goods they have. Noah’s Natural Foods are more than 35 years old. You have a guarantee that all food you can find here is high quality. There are many sorts of tea in the shop, protein food, organic food, food for kids and other things. They pay much attention to healthy food with antioxidants, diabetic food and allergists. You can find everything that can help you to better your health.

Essence of Life

Essence of Life is located in the Kensington Market. The shop is TOP rated healthy food store in Toronto. The prices here are lower that somewhere else. The choice of goods is wide. The main accent is mass market food products. The products are natural, with no biotech foods. What do people like? Oh, they used to buy the apple jam, organic peanut oil and tahini. There is a wide choice of organic meat, eggs, vegetarian products, milk products and gluten-free food.

If you want to buy different kinds of healthy food, Essence of Life offers to buy the food from such popular brands as Sisu, Natural Factors, Genestra, Flora, New Chapter, Swiss Herbal. You can also find the face and body care cosmetics: Dr.Hauschka, Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica, Beautiful Soap Company, Nature’s Gate.


Qi Natural Foods

The shops of the Qi Natural you can find in the region of Roncesvalles, Koreatown and Eglinton West. This is the place where you can buy natural food for all life cases. The first shop of this sort was opened in 1999 by Hei Joung Hur. That was the world of natural medications. The motto of the shop is We are what we eat. That is why all products are organic.

Qi Natural informs people about the use of natural foods. The assortment of products is very big. The prices are democratic. The company cooperates with the homeopathic doctors, naturopaths for the sake of their clients. There are more than 12,000 goods are represented here. Vitamins, sport food, homeopathic products, natural cosmetics, thematic books and numerous products of healthy dieting. All these things and even more you can find in the Qi Natural!

The Sweet Potato

The Sweet Potato is a perfect place to combine natural food and sweet prices. Of course, there are many people who think that it is absolutely impossible to buy natural products for cheap. Nevertheless, you can find them here and all of them are high quality. Why are they so cheap? Everything is simple. The products are low because of the bulk buying. It helps to lower the prices. The result of it is impressive. Everything you need, including sugar, grapes or tomatoes are cheaper than in the supermarket. What a great chance to buy food for a week or two!

Here are the fresh vegetables, fruits, canned food, fresh milk, eggs and cheese. You can also buy pampers, cleaners of all sorts and indications, face and body care cosmetics, kitchen chemicals. If you do not eat meat, the shop offers so-called imitation meat. If you are not vegetarian, you can buy meat from the local organic farm Beretta. The shop personnel work to the full to make you come here again. So, if you are ready to eat only fresh and useful food, you have to ask the personnel of The Sweet Potato for help. They are never surprised and ready to answer all your questions.

Healthy Meetings, Center for Total Health 48424

Whole Foods Market

Toronto is not the only one place where you can buy healthy food. Try to hire a car in Vancouver and go to the West Vancouver to find the Whole Foods Market. This is the most meaningful place in the city for everyone who prefers fresh food. The shop offers the finest natural and organic foods to meet the strictest quality standards. The West Vancouver store is located in the Park Royal Village. Traditionally, this is not only a store but the juice and smoothie bar, Seafood Smoker, coffee roaster, extensive olive bar with over 50 types of olives, three distinct venues, pizza, sandwich, and sushi.

What is more, there are free services to marinate, brine, trim or season your order! You may ask for special delivery. The food is also good quality and the prices are lower than in the capital shops and markets. If you want to be healthy and feel better, try to eat organic food. Look around! There are many shops to buy it.

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