Recruit With Aptitude Tests Now

Recruit With Aptitude Tests Now

Nowadays, with the increase in the competition and efficiency among people, it has become very difficult for the businesses to choose the right candidate for a job based solely on his or her academic performance. The marks obtained by the candidate don’t matter anymore as much as his other qualities which make him either suitable or unsuitable for that particular job.

Recently a lot of aptitude tests have come up that help the companies make a wise and correct decision. They help the recruiters test the applicant’s abilities to perform certain tasks and also check their reaction on various job type situations in a very systematic way. These tests are administered and scored in a very standard way, and the results are compared with the results of the other candidates. It helps to verify the inborn ability at a particular experience, as no information about the candidate is known beforehand.

Recruit With Aptitude Tests Now

This helps companies save time and choose to interview the applicants who are best suited to the job and who will maximise the efficiency of the company. Banks are one such financial institution, which have thousands of people applying for a job on a daily basis.  Thus, selecting the right candidate becomes extremely difficult and time consuming.

Banking Aptitude Tests

Banking aptitude tests are a means to relieve some of the stress of the recruiters and give them an accurate idea on which candidates stand a chance to give his best for the company and help it grow. These aptitude tests are being mostly administered online. It helps the recruiters filter the inapt applicants without having to go through the one-on-one job interviews which are very time consuming.

The main motive behind these tests is to provide an indication as to how the candidate will react to the daily challenges he would face on a daily basis at the firm. They can be taken at a testing centre or online.

Types of Aptitude Tests

There are various types of aptitude tests available. The company has to decide which test would be appropriate for which job and use them accordingly. These are the most common ones being used:

  • Cognitive ability test
  • Diagrammatic test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Spatial awareness test
  • Mechanical reasoning test
  • Intray exercises
  • Watson Glaser test
  • Situational judgement test
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Inductive reasoning test
  • Error checking test
  • Abstract reasoning test


The online banking aptitude test are always timed and have multiple choice type questions. Sometimes the given answers are purposely made to mislead the applicant. It shows whether he is confident about his answer or not. The scores of the applicant are compared with an average group. The employers should also consider the backgrounds of the candidates otherwise some might get unfair advantage over the others.

Thus, these tests provide the employers with appropriate scores to compare. Then they can judge whichever candidates are most suited for the job. They are then called for an interview and the perfect candidate is selected amongst them who will be the most beneficial for the company.

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