Building A Community Spirit: Fundraising and Events In Small Businesses

All CEOs want to ensure that they are seen in the right light. After all, it’s imperative that businesses are seen as critical functions within their community. For small enterprises, getting involved in community fundraising events is one of the best ways to put a positive spin on your business. PR benefits aside, you can boost team and staff morale within your company too. Everyone wants to work for an ethical and moral company. Your business should be a shining example to the rest of the community when it comes to charitable endeavours.

But, how can this be done? How can you build community spirit and ensure that your fundraising efforts are done correctly?

Here are some fantastic tips that you can use to make sure that your business is doing the right thing.

Getting Involved

It’s time to choose a local charity. Shortlist two or three local charities that do exceptional work within your community. Get your employees to vote on which ones they would like to work with. Getting your team involved is important. After all, you want them to convey passion while they are fundraising. So, choosing your charity is important. Allowing people to vote can be a fun way of getting everyone on board. Corporate supporters are essentially friends of the charity. So, you will be able to strengthen your community bonds while helping others in the process.

Building A Community Spirit: Fundraising and Events In Small Businesses

Fundraising Events and Challenges

Getting everyone involved is the best way to maximise contributions. There are some simple ways that you and your team can do this. Motivate your staff and get them to come into work in fancy dress or pyjamas for the day. Request that there is a minimum donation of £5 to the proffered charity for doing so. You can, of course, get a little more creative. Coffee mornings, as well as bake and cake sales, are an excellent way to boost staff morale. Who doesn’t want to indulge on cakes in the office?

But, you can also get your suppliers involved too. What’s more, you can thank them for their endeavours by using bricks for fundraising. Commemorative bricks can be sent to the clients or placed in your office. These are a fun way to incentivise donations. After all, you want to ensure that you are raising maximum amounts of cash for your chosen charity. Incentivising with bricks is a great way to do this.  Be creative and get everyone involved. Even customers can get involved in this important aspect of fundraising too!

Donations and Your Business

Of course, you can make a one-off donation on behalf of your company too. Writing a cheque can be an excellent way to make sure that you are actively supporting the charities in your local community. Whatever your chosen charity, they will be glad of the donation that you have made.

Match Giving

One of the best ways to make sure that your employees are motivated during these times of fundraising is to match their donations. So, if your team manages to raise a sizeable chunk of cash, donate and match their endeavours. It’s a great way to boost morale and encourage your team to give more. After all, they all want their bosses to part with a little more cash.

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