How To Know That Criminal Lawyers Can Handle Your Case?

Hiring a criminal lawyer can at times be difficult especially for a person who has been arrested for the first time. Many times these people may be facing petty charges like drink driving but at times the charges can be more serious.

So, whether it is murder or simply driving with drugs in your car it is important that you first understand the extent of trouble  you are in, for instance, if you were arrested for drunk driving then do you also have speeding charges, possession of drugs charges etc., as part of that arrest? It is only once you have truly understood the extent of the charges and your present situation based on that, that you can find the right lawyer.

Find a lawyer with experience

This is one of the first things you need to consider. However, even though there are many lawyers who have over a decade of good experience coupled with the fact that they were top of their class when they graduated from law school you still need to check if they have experience with the problem you find yourself in. By this we mean they have extensive experience handling criminal cases like yours, this is the only way you can be sure to find a great criminal lawyer.

To find a lawyer with experience you will need to do a bit of research, in some countries if you cannot afford one you are presented with one but you don’t really have a choice in this regard.   Ideally, the bar association should start you off in the right direction, that with a bit of research should help you a great deal.

Speak to previous clients

There are various online forums where people share the experience they have had with a specific criminal case and the attorney who helped them out. These forums can be a big help because here people discuss the problems they are facing and are looking for advice. You can post your question and a lawyer or someone who has been involved in such a case before can help you out.

The idea with these forums is to gather as much information as you can about where you stand legally prior to consulting a criminal lawyer.

How To Know That Criminal Lawyers Can Handle Your Case

Draft a detailed report of your case

The very first thing you should do when you are arrested on criminal charges is to make sure to write down what happened in detail. The human memory can forget things, mostly minor yet important details over a period of time and when it comes time to hire a criminal attorney you may not remember everything in detail. Writing down what happened when it’s still fresh means it is a lot easier for the lawyer to study and understand your case.

It also makes it easier for him to study everything in detail prior to discussing his course of action. At times criminal lawyers may decide not to take on a case if they think that their experience does not suffice for it. However, it is always a good idea to consult more than one lawyer by emailing or sending them your draft of what transpired.

Speak to other people

If you have been arrested on a set of criminal charges the chances are that people you know have had the same experience. Ask friends and neighbors whom you think would have encountered the same problem and ask them whom they recommend. Usually, criminal lawyers who come recommended are good and can be trusted to work diligently on your case.

The cost

Most lawyers’ fees are based on their experience and their expertise. For instance, lawyers who have been criminal attorneys specializing in murder cases with a high success rate are going to charge hundreds of dollars more than one that does not have a high success rate. However, with petty criminal charges most lawyers with significant experience should be able to handle the case adequately provided that they have a clear view of what happened.

Criminal attorneys like Benjamin & Leonardo have been criminal lawyers for a very long time and have an excellent track record of handling criminal cases of all types with a high success rate.

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Mark has been a criminal attorney for over fifteen years. During his time as an attorney he has handled numerous cases but mostly relating to charges of drunk driving. He also writes extensively about law and legal cases. In addition to this he also gives talks and advises fresh law graduates on various legal matters.

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