A Guide To The Different Types Of Sauna Rooms

Sauna bathing has many health benefits to offer and this is the reason why people choose to make it a part of their regular schedule. But, there are some people who get absolutely confused when it comes to making a choice between the two types of sauna rooms, such as traditional sauna room and far-infrared sauna room. Some feel traditional sauna is safe and some think far-infrared sauna is safe. However, it’s not about safety because specialist companies never compromise with their product quality and its features. So, how the choice should be made? Well, this is quite easy. All you need to understand is their main functioning.

Choosing Between Sauna Rooms

To start with, if you are looking for steam bath, higher temperatures and high social environment, then traditional sauna is the way to go. But, for low heat penetration and lower temperature you will need to choose far-infrared sauna. As far as health benefits are concerned, both these sauna rooms are designed to provide similar value-additions. To be precise, no matter what you select, you will experience freedom from stress, pain relief, detoxification, etc. This may make you feel slightly confused that if both are equally advantageous then why this categorization has been made. Well, it’s the condition under which they perform makes the actual difference.

Although both sauna rooms are relatively dry, but the far-infrared rooms maintain nearly normal house humidity levels, which can be increased only if the time of use is extended. In these types of saunas, you can control temperature levels though. Coming to the traditional saunas, you can control temperature as well as the level of humidity here.

According to health professionals, no matter which type of sauna room you select, you need to spend only 10 to 15 minutes on one session to achieve desired impact. However, in some cases, people are advised to use far-infrared sauna for 30 minutes to derive maximum advantage because it features lower air temperatures. In this context, it needs to be mentioned that a sauna bather should keep himself hydrated by drinking plenty of water in the break and should also watch how he feels when the session is on.

As far as economic and ecological factors are concerned, common traditional sauna rooms are found to be larger than the infrared sauna rooms. But, this does not mean it will impact your electric bill significantly. The cost can be slightly higher but not much. Since traditional saunas are also available in different sizes suitable for one or two person, you can opt for any of this to bring down your cost.

So, how to Make Any Decision?

While making your decision, keep your wellness plan in mind along with the space factor as well as your budget. These three things will help in decision making. However, if this also does not help you feel confident, then you can contact a reliable sauna room manufacturing company and use their experience and knowledge to purchase your product.

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