7 Important Rules For Sending Flowers

Flowers are exchanged in most cultures across the world on several occasions. From birth of a baby to christening and baptism to weddings and birthdays and promotions and graduations, flowers are given as gifts to congratulate one another and to express one’s joy and happiness. Flowers are also given on sad occasions such as death to offer solace to the family members of the deceased and to cheer up someone when someone is not well. Flowers make an integral part of our lives. But it is important to keep a few important things in mind when sending flowers.

Here are the Top 7 Rules for Sending Flowers

  1. Know the hidden meaning of flowers-each flower has a special meaning. Do not pick up any flower without knowing what it signifies. Doing so can prevent you from conveying the right emotions and feelings to your near and dear ones.
  1. Find out what each color of flowers say-the meaning of flowers changes with their colors. Whereas red flowers stand for love and passion, white flowers convey purity and innocence. Pink flowers are a symbol of grace and femininity. Pick the flower color that complements the mood and occasion.
  1. Buy flowers that suit the occasion-though all flowers are beautiful and can be given to someone you love and care for, certain flowers are considered to be more appropriate for particular occasions. Carnations, for instance make ideal flowers for mother’s day. Roses are perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day hyacinths and hydrangeas are usually given as sympathy flowers. Choose appropriate flowers to make your gift of flowers appreciated and meaningful.
  1. The number of flowers also matters-the numbers of flowers that go into a bouquet also determine its meaning. A single rose says I Love You and a dozen roses say I can’t live without you.
  1. Consider the shape of the floral arrangement-flowers can be arranged in different ways, including round, oval, heart, loose, and so on and so forth. Each shape has a specific meaning. Heart shaped floral arrangements convey love and affection. Loose floral arrangements convey a sense of casual and relaxed feeling. Choose the shape of the floral arrangement that best suits the occasion.
  1. Keep the individual likes and preferences of the recipient in mind-it are equally important to know what the recipient likes. If someone likes gerberas, you can’t please her with roses no matter what. By gifting someone her favorite flowers you can tell her that you are aware of her likes and preferences and that you value it too.
  1. Send fresh flowers-whether sending flowers for new baby or for woman day, make sure that the flowers are fresh. When you order flowers, make sure that the florist delivers only fresh and beautiful flowers.

Keep the above rules in mind and enjoy the tradition of flower-giving.

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