How To Master The Art Of Pipe Tobacco Smoking?

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? How did you drink it? I guess you started out your first coffee with cream and sugar, or may be with one of the flavored creams. Then as time progressed, you wished to go beyond the concept of creams and sugars, so you could appreciate the real taste of pure coffee.

The same thing can be applied for smoking pipe tobacco. As a pipe smoking beginner you may be drawn to the aromatic flavors that are commonly associated with pipe tobacco. Then as time progresses, you are more likely to appreciate the different types of pipe tobacco and their unique tastes.

Now, that you’ve got the favorite styles of pipe and the best smelling aromatic pipe tobacco, and a few other pipe accessories, it’s the time to figure out how to put it all together. As a beginner, you must learn how to pack, light, and smoke your pipe tobacco. Pipe smoking is an art, and it’s of no wonder that you will want to master the art.

Consider checking these pipe smoking guides before you take the first puff:

Packing Your Pipe:

You need to make sure that your pipe is free from any previous ashes. First, you can run a pipe cleaner through the stem of the pipe and then blow on the stem properly. This will ensure that the air passage to the bowl is free from all blockages. It is recommended to turn the bowl away at the time of cleaning; otherwise you may end up with filling your face with ashes and unburned tobacco.

Preparing tobacco is also important. You need to place a little amount of tobacco on a paper that you’ll need to fill the bowl. Make sure you remove all clumps from the tobacco and the tobacco is not wet. Once you prepare the tobacco, you can loosely fill the bowl with it. You should never use your thumb or finger to press down the tobacco. Remember the bowl should probably be around half to ¾ of the way full.

Lighting Your Pipe:

You can light the tobacco by using a match. Remember, you need to apply the flame on the tobacco in a circular motion. At first, you will need to make very shallow puffs on the pipe. During this time, you could probably see the tobacco swell up a little, but this is normal. This process is referred to as false light. It is possible that the tobacco is not fully lit up at the same level. Hence, you need to relight the match and apply it on the tobacco in a circular motion so that the tobacco is evenly lit up. You should be extra careful here.  A couple of shallow puffs will be necessary to stoke the flame.

Smoking the Pipe:

If you have done the above mentioned process carefully, then you are ready to experience the first puff of your pipe tobacco. You will eventually get into a rhythm and with few practices you will master  the art of smoking pipe tobacco.

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