Fast, Effective Weight Loss Advice For Women

Drop significant weight in just a week by following these simple, easy to follow tips for industry experts.

Drink Only Water

When you add juices or other liquids to your daily intake (even the healthy ones) you are including calories which have no real significance to your daily count so really this is potentially 100 cals per day you are wasting when you could use them to eat something like 3 cups of air popped popcorn (90cals), 1/2 cup of mashed potato with butter (100cals), 1/2 plain bagel (75 cals).  These will satisfy you much more than a smoothie or cup for fruit juice.

Ban White Bread and Pasta

White carbs cause more bloating around the stomach area.  Any white carbohydrate can be substituted for a healthier whole grain option but my best advice would be to substitute both these carbs with extra vegetables.  Not only will these keep you fuller for longer, but as they are full of water they will help flush out excess water retained in your body.

Do 30 Mins Cardio Per Day

Why exercise? Well, it burns calories, simple as that.  High impact (high heart rate) will burn more calories but if you incorporate interval training and weight training into your routine you could potentially burn up to 200 or 300 cals per half an hour.

Sleep 30 Mins Longer Every Night

That extra 30 mins will help you make smarter food choices throughout the day.  For example, if you are tired, and low on energy your body will crave high sugar, high carbohydrate foods for a quick fix.  That little extra sleep at night will refresh you enough to be able to put down the croissant and reach for the low fat granola.

Make One Food Sacrifice Per Day

It’s the part of dieting that we all hate, giving up the foods we love and it’s the desire for that food that 9 times out of 10 has us saying the inevitable “I’ll start my diet again on Monday”.  The easy solution for this is don’t give it all up right away! Gradually cut things from your diet that you think is inhibiting your weight loss (don’t lie, you know what they are).

Allow Yourself a ‘Cheat Day’

Have a day every week where there are no rules apply.  Eat what you like drink what you like, go nuts!  Not only does this give you something to look forward to, it’s a reward to yourself for sticking to your goals all week and it proves you can be disciplined so deserve the reward.  The science behind this is that you body reaches a weight loss plateau and having one very high calorie intake day almost shocks your metabolism into losing weight (how awesome is that!!!!!).

This last tip happens to be my favorite (surprisingly enough), there are many more in my site.  It sounds so ridiculous but to be honest, at the same time it makes a lot of sense too when it’s explained in more detail.

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