Know What To Wear In This Winter After Long Holidays

Know What To Wear In This Winter After Long Holidays

When packing for winter holidays, you should include a list of items that will help to keep you warm. You should not consider your priorities or fashion trends, as you will end up filling the space with some of the items that will not help to keep you warm. Know the things to wear on your extremities, as these are the areas that suffer most from the cold. You should also include other accessories to help covering up and supply you with the necessary warmth. You should not pack a lot of stuff, as this will make you loaded with heavy baggage making your winter tour cumbersome. Instead, select few necessary items to help keep you warm. Below is a list of items to carry with you as you pack for winter, to make it comfortable and enjoyable.


There is nothing brutal than a freezing cold on your head. A good hat will help you go through walks without freezing. A good hat for travelling should cover your ears, have no wasted mass on fluffbals or on flaps, cover the back area around your neck, thin and made of modern materials to provide you with maximum warmth.


Your feet suffer most during extreme weather conditions. You should wear a pair of shoes that will provide maximum warmth and make you comfortable as you walk in the mud. It preferred to wear a solid, flat winter boots which is decent looking and low healed. A good winter shoe should be waterproof to avoid water penetration in case you walk on a muddy or flooding area, dark coloured to avoid showing stains from slush or muds. It should be light on lacing to make it easier to wear it easily without wasting a lot of time in tying and untying. There are plenty affordable and decent booths that will hold up well on you making it suitable for you to hike in snow and still look good enough for wear during dinner. This will save you the space or packing many shoes to be one on different times.

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The days that winter travellers used to wear woollen and heavy mitten gloves are gone. For a smart winter traveller you need a great and decent pair of waterproof, warm, and thin gloves which weigh less and do not occupy most of your space when packing. The gloves should not be that tight. They should allow for breathability space, to make them wearable in a wide range of temperatures. The gloves should be strong enough and waterproof to withstand the harsh weather conditions even as you have fun in the snow and making snowballs. When selecting gloves, choose those with lightweight materials to allow quicker drying after you have come into contact with water. This will cover your extremities well and make cold entry points warm supplying your whole bod with warmth.


It is recommended to dress in layers during winter, to help you stay warm even when you are not in that heavy jacket. You should be very keen when selecting clothes to wear, to avoid layering yourself up with many clothing and look like a Michelin man. When picking clothes to pack you should include:

A light short or long sleeved shirt or a T-shit for wearing when relaxing indoors and reading the paper.
A heavy long sleeved top to wear when going out to pick the paper.
Fleece or a heavy sweater to be worn when going out.
A waterproof and light wind outer shell for covering yourself up when it is raining.
A pair of long panties and leggings to cover up your extremities.

The above selection of clothing will help to keep you warm even on extreme harsh weather conditions.


Polarised sunglasses to protect you from rough sunlight reflection on the snow. A suitable sunscreen to avoid the harshness of sunburn or windburn from ice or snow reflections. A lower base layer to help make your legs stay warm and comfortable when you are spending extended time out in the cold. A small and light scarf will be very essential when you are out in harsher weather.


When packing to travel for winter holiday, consider packing things to wear and help you stay warm even when you are exposed to unfavourable weather conditions. Select clothing with lightweight materials to avoid occupying a lot of space, which are comfortable enough and help keep you warm. Make a good choice on materials to wear on your extremities as these are the areas on front line to suffer from harsh weather. Also when packing for winter you should not give priority on your favourite clothes and fashion trends, as this will make you fill the travel bag with many clothing that are not suitable for cold weather.

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