Check Aptitude Of Candidates by Conducting Reasoning and Logical Tests

Check Aptitude Of Candidates by Conducting Reasoning and Logical Tests

When you need to determine specific cognitive abilities in the candidates before you select them, you must use the aptitude tests. Many people can deal with numbers fast and come to a decision but there are those stumble and falter when facing numbers.

Grouping people through tests

Every job may not need people who are good with numbers. Some of them need people who are good with spelling and grammar. For this reason, they conduct the screening test for aptitude so that the two groups remain separated and then they will allocate the work. Broadly, you can classify the various tests into four groups.

The first is the basic test group that has verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. Then, you have the larger test group that has the situational judgement tests and the diagrammatic reasoning tests. In the first group, they pick candidates for office work. They will need extra skills such as typing speed and knowledge of Microsoft Excel worksheets.

The verbal reasoning tests check whether the person can read a given passage and understand the meaning. They will check the vocabulary and fluency with simple questions from the passage. In the numerical reasoning tests, you must show fluency in dealing with ratios and percentages, cost and sales graph analysis, rates, trends, and other things. You must be familiar with currency conversions and normal banking procedures.

Experience versus skill

Most of the screening tests conducted for candidates appearing for job interviews involve two types of tests – those dealing with work familiarity and those exploring the skill set of the person. So, the pre-employment aptitude test will remain conducted within the specific skill or knowledge set of the candidate. The company that wants sales people will conduct screening tests and select those who show an aptitude for selling.

Those who have managerial skills will undergo selection in the other test. This test is for qualitative grouping and the people who show this kind of talent remain chosen for the company. There are many tests put forward by the testing software development company. You can add or change the questions depending on the nature of the product and the company.

Getting the right people

By forwarding the product line right from the start you get those people who have good interest in your kind of work. Check with the test software providers to know what kinds of tests they have. In diagrammatic reasoning test, the candidate has study the figures provided and give the best answer. This will show how logical his reasoning is and how accurate is the answer. To get the best results in the screening they will also include some tests in psychology. In case you have more than one candidate who remains tied for the first place, you can check these answers to choose which of them will suitthe post.

Use the tests to get the best candidate for your concern. Check the list of question papers from different software providers and pick the ones that suit your industry. You can vary the toughness of the questions so that you can grade the proper candidates.

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