The Ultimate Residential 3 Way Switch Trouble Shooting Steps

The Ultimate Residential 3 Way Switch Trouble Shooting Steps

Electrical devices commonly caught in  the power supply problems. The main reason for this is due to lack of maintenance and the heavy load on a 3 way switch. Commonly 3 way switch is used for the multiple operation in a single device.

For Example,if we want to on or off the bulb from two different locations,then this will come into the picture. The basic understanding about 3 way switch can reduce the risk and failure problems. The basic idea of 3 way switch is like,

Device-Switch-Switch: Here device like a bulb, fan or any other comes first and then followed by the device switches connect to the circuit.

Switch-device-switch: Device (light/fan/other) will come in the middle of two switches. From any switch point we can turn on or off.

Switch-switch-device: In this main switch followed by another switch which is connected to the device like fan, bulb or other.

The Ultimate Residential 3 Way Switch Trouble Shooting Steps

How To Wire 3 Way Switch

Brief knowledge about the connection is more than enough to understand the internal structure. First, Device two nodes are connected with two wires. One of the 2 wires connects to the first switch and the other wire connects to the second switch. Another wiring come in between these two switches linked to a circuit which can control the input from two switches.

Trouble Shooting

Step1: First check the two switches whether they are working properly or not. If any one fails may cause the problems.

Step2: Check the circuit, After getting confirmation that there is no problem at switches, need to check the circuit internal connection. Whether there is any problem or not.

Step3: In some cases due to power fluctuations, wiring may burn or fail to transfer the power supply. In this case, change of wire in immediate requirement.

Step4: Location, Check whether the switch caught with wet. Due to rainfall or any other reasons may cause to store wet in switch.

Step5: Nodes. Internal circuit and switch points, there are few nodes which are connected the internal structure of the wiring and helps to transfer power supply safely. If any node fails to supply power. Then that will be another story.

So it is better to check all the possible trouble shootings to rectify. Even though the problem exists. Better to call Residential Electrician liverpool. They will fix this problem with in no time. The expert team of electricians always ready to serve at your doorstep.

So go with the ultimate steps for troubleshooting 3 way switch and better to go with all matters to grab good knowledge about the 3 way switch.

Safety Precautions

It is quite common in residential premises. But most of the time better to check out yourself. Before going to check such devices and plugs, better to wear non conductible gloves, wear shoes and clothes. Keep someone near to avoid problem with the  power supply. It is highly recommended to check out the incoming  power voltage before checking.

If the power supply is in high voltage, better to avoid contact with devices and contact electrician Sydney or near locality for the service.

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