How Much Does It Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Unfortunately there is no concrete answer for this, as there are so many factors playing into your total costs. The range is somewhere between $50 to $120 per cabinet. To give you a better idea what your Victoria cabinet maker install will cost, here is a list of factors that influence your price.

–       Cabinet assembly, does your kitchen cabinetry order come assembled or does your installer need to put them together as well as install them? Installers will charge to assemble cabinets. Be sure to discuss this with your kitchen cabinets supplier.

–       Preparing the structure and worksite. How straight are your walls? How level are your floors? All of this will play a role in determining how much time an installer will need per cabinet.

–       Disposal of old materials and cabinets. Have you already gutted the kitchen or is this a new build? If not you’ll need to factor in time for removal and disposal costs for the old kitchen material.

–       Do you plan on donating old cabinets to a charity or friend? If not be sure to look into the cost of renting a large disposal bin for waste. If you are planning on donating this will probably increase your labor costs slightly as more care will need to be taken when removing old cabinets.

–       Does the structure need to change at all? Ie do you need move electrical outlets, HVAC systems, does any of the framing need to move? If so this usually isn’t included in basic charge. Work will need to be done to current building code so your renovation will be able to pass inspections along the way.

–       Do you have any hazardous materials? Asbestos or lead require testing and very specific rules for disposal. This could add to your total costs quite significantly.

–       Are you doing a large renovation with a hired head contractor who is hiring subcontractors for the kitchen renovation? If so know that contractors will add on an additional 10% to 25% to supervise the work.

–       Renovation permits and inspections- it’s always best to get a permit to do a renovation but there is a cost to permits and inspections and it varies from location to location.

–       What type of kitchen cabinets are you purchasing? Know that custom cabinets will be significantly more pricey to install that your basic standard cabinets. Knowing this tid bit of information before trying to shop for kitchen cabinets in Victoria will help you decide on cabinetry.

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