How To Have A Successful and Safe Pool Party

Having a pool party is a great way of revitalising yourself after a week-long of work. You can have a pool party for special family get-togethers, birthday parties or holidays. If you are preparing for a pool party, you may be engrossed on other details such as the people you’re going to invite, what foods to prepare and the music to play; however, you tend to neglect the safety of everyone, which should be the main concern especially if there are kids.

Safety is crucial for parties since guests are distracted and having fun during this time, and kids and pets may make their way into the pool with minimal supervision. Below are a few tips from Katchakid Pool Safety to help you make sure your pool party is successful and safe:

1.  Tell your guests what to bring. Invitees may not be sure if they should bring their own toys, towels or floatation devices for their children. Telling them what they need to bring will make sure that they come prepared and have a great time.

2.  Ensure to check the water levels a day before you planned a party. Also, ensure that you check the chemicals on the water and if there is a need to maintain the appropriate levels.

3.  Prepare the safety necessities. Even if you have informed your guests on what to bring for a fun and safe pool party, somebody will certainly forget something. To protect everyone from misfortunes, make sure to have sunscreen, floatation devices for children and a first-aid kit.

4.  Making sure that alcohol content low is a logical thing to remember since alcohol can decrease the ability of a person to swim, which will lead to drowning or other injuries. People under the influence of alcohol will act tipsy and is in a spirited mood, which can be dangerous if near a pool. Drinks must be served away from the pool, but near the apartment or a hood near the pool just for a bit of entertainment and relaxation.

5.  If there are kids around the pool, there’s no measure more effective than constant adult supervision. Children can be in danger when in the water in mere seconds and can turn into a disastrous incident with all the distractions from the party. Luckily, drowning is avoidable. To lessen the risk, try to have a few adults to act as lifeguards, instructing them to keep an eye on the kids around the pool during the party.

6.  Fooling around the pool can lead to slip and fall – a common injury acquired around a pool. Everyone, which means both adult and kids should be reminded of the hazards of playing and running around the pool or pushing each other.

7.  Ensure that the pool is secure with a pool cover when it’s not being used. If you are moving the party indoors, ensure that all entry going to the pool are locked, gates aren’t left open, and anything that kids can use to climb to the pool are removed.

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