Selling Your Home? Add These Maintenance Tasks to Your To-Do List

When listing your home, you want it to sell for the best possible value. And this starts with making the right repairs. Buyers should be impressed by the condition of your home, so it’s essential to invest some time in money in general maintenance. However, it can be tricky to know which tasks to focus on.

This guide will help you waste your time on unnecessary improvements. The following are some basic repairs that home buyers will actually look for. You can improve your home’s value and attract serious interest with these adjustments.

Spruce up the yard

The appearance of your yard sets a first impression for every potential buyer, so it pays to invest in curb appeal. Mow your lawn, prune your trees, weed the garden, and place flower pots on your front step. Ensure that your driveway and walkway are free of large cracks. Clean your gutters and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. All of these details will come together to make your lawn appear groomed and inviting.

Inspect for pests

Losing a potential offer because the inspection discovers mice is a worst case scenario. Schedule an inspection with a residential pest control service to spot any critters before prospective buyers arrive. They will check for termites, mice, racoons, and other unwelcome guests. Once they safely address any issues, you can enjoy peace of mind and start showing your home.

Double check the roof

If your roof is in solid condition, there is no reason to replace it entirely. This will just waste money on projects that the home buyer can complete in the future. However, it is important to spot any roofing red flags. Missing shingles, a drafty attic, and sagging gutters can all lower your home’s value and turn away potential buyers. Hire a contractor to look into roof replacement cost and potential repairs. Then address any major structural issues.

Update the kitchen

When selling your home, it’s always worth it to upgrade the kitchen. This remodeling project is one of the best for return on investment, since potential buyers will look for new appliances and functional design. Even just small upgrades like a new refrigerator or a new floor can take the space to the next level. And if you have money leftover, make some upgrades in the bathroom. Buyers will also be thrilled to see more modern fixtures.

Schedule HVAC service

Functioning HVAC systems will save buyers money in the long run, both on appliances and energy costs. So, be sure that your HVAC units are functioning properly. Hire a professional to inspect the units and make recommendations for repairs. They might even advise replacing the units before selling, especially if you have had the systems for 10 years or more.

Know when to stop

It can be tempting to completely overhaul your home before a sale. However, this is just a waste of time and money. Any changes that are purely for your own enjoyment are generally not worth it, so skip the walk-in closets to invest in a new hardwood floor. Some basic maintenance to address obvious issues and boost your home value will suffice. Add professional staging and a quality listing to the mix to help your home stand out from the bunch.

If you aren’t sure where to invest your time, be sure to work with a real estate agent. They will show you which features to repair and what to leave alone. By following their advice, you can receive an impressive return on investment without stretching yourself too thin.

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