Sports Technology Combines Safety and Style

Sports technology is truly fascinating, as it combines the best of science with the best of entertainment, even including fashion into the mix. Better-trained athletes mixed with better equipment and a greater understanding of the capacity of the human body has presented humankind with the ability to perform almost magical physical feats.

For the purpose of illustration, consider the automotive industry with their racecars and drivers, the baseball industry with the very intriguing pitcher’s helmet, the way that new football padding has been engineered to reduce injuries, and some of the technology behind new winter sports equipment.

Racecars and Drivers                                      

Car racing is inherently dangerous, and as cars get faster and drivers get more in tune with courses, that danger can increase. It’s a good thing you can buy racing suits that are equipped with the latest fire-resistant technology, and for people with sponsors who perform on large stages, the suits are very good-looking as well. Next time you watch a race, notice how each suit seems custom built for the more famous drivers, and pay attention to the safety features that are included in the fabric itself.

The Baseball Pitcher’s Helmet             

Though it hasn’t caught on the major leagues yet, the baseball pitcher’s helmet is quite a fascinating piece of sports safety equipment. There have been enough cases of pitchers getting beaned with the ball that there are now helmet-hats they can use. They’ve been designed to give the pitcher complete freedom of motion while still offering protecting around the head and temples. There are no plans for this to be a requirement for pitchers any time soon, but at least the safety aspect has been considered, as having a baseball flying at you at 100 miles per hour from a short distance away is probably rather unnerving.

Football Padding To Cushion the Blows

The design of football padding has improved with technology in the last several years. New materials that are lighter, stronger, and shaped more distinctly to protect the body have become much more popular, and allow professional football players a greater sense of comfort, mobility, and protection in the face of other athletes who are becoming stronger and faster.

Winter Sports Tech

Some of the more important winter sports tech that has improved lately is all about insulation and movement. Being in the cold, especially for long periods of time, can be extremely dangerous, so as materials are produced that seal out cold and wet environments while still allowing movement, safety overall for skiers, snowboarders, and ice skaters has greatly increased. Because of this added safety factor, many athletes are able to practice in much safer and more predictable environments while they are preparing for competition.

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