Why Trust a Professional For Septic Tank Maintenance Job

Why Trust a Professional For Septic Tank Maintenance Job

Septic maintenance is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a lot of things to consider like the sewer lines, pumping, mainlines and more. Just as a septic tank installation has to be handled by a professional, so has to be septic maintenance. The septic system should be maintained at least every one to three years as it is necessary to remove the scum and sludge as too much built up of the same can lead to problems in the drainage, clog up the sewer lines and give rise to a situation that would be too hard to handle. That is why, call up the company or the person who had undertaken the septic tank installation as they or that person would be well aware of the location and can handle the situation quickly.

What Does a Septic Maintenance Professional Do?

It is the task of the professional to see to it that all the accumulated material consisting of both solid and liquid are removed entirely. There is a process to clean the septic system and that is known as pumping. The pumping and flushing has to take place between the tank and the pumping truck. An intensive cleaning process breaks all the scum and the sludge which allows the solid materials and the scum to get removed. The manhole opening in the tank is the best way through which the cleaning process takes place. It is recommended not to use any other openings as this may lead to improper cleaning of the septic system. There are also chances of baffles getting damaged which might in turn stop the solids from getting into the drain field.

Why Trust a Professional For Septic Tank Maintenance Job

After the cleaning job is over, the professional should check that there is only a black film on the walls. The presence of liquid should be very less. The decomposition process is aided by the presence of bacteria in the film and liquid.

What Are The Many Precautions That One Should Take During Septic Maintenance?

Working around a septic tank is often hazardous and care should be taken while it is being pumped. A person, however professional might be, should adhere to the precautions so that no unwanted situation arises.

l  First, do not go into the septic tank as the presence of hydrogen sulfide will result in unconsciousness.

l  Secondly, it is dangerous to smoke near the openings of septic tanks due to the presence of combustible gases.

l  Look for a strong smell of rotten egg or sewer gas in the house. If any such thing is present, then leave the house immediately and call a professional for inspection.

l  The nature of sewage is very corrosive. Hence, proper care should be taken as far as the tank components are concerned.

Septic tanks maintenance is a specialized job and hence is better handled by a licensed and experienced professional.

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