A Quick Guide to the Activities of Dr. Michael

Do you feel depressed? Are you confused about your self-worth in your daily life? If ‘yes’ is your answer, then it’s the right time for you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Mamas, the healer, the guide and the philosopher who can help you realize self actualization as well as consciousness. Yes, that is how this globally acknowledged visionary and spiritual leader of 21st century is working comprehensively in a heavenly place of Mount Soma in California. The prophet brings to you the prehistoric Vedic Values, Philosophy and Knowledge which remain within the worldwide religions, with a view to unify them with modern concepts. His passion is to help people in self realization, self-enlightenment by freeing ‘self-nesses’ from conditioning.

Dr. Michael Mamas widely regarded as ‘Michaelji’ who is the founder, organizer and CEO of CRS or the Center of Rational Spirituality. The comprehensiveness of his activities in CRS can make you wonder which is, in essence, planned and designed by this spiritual personality to generate the natural enlargement of human consciousness. His healing approach considers the core of an individual which is the source of human wisdom and his/her potential as well. Born and brought up in the US, for almost a decade, Dr. Michael Mamas lived a very simple lifestyle. He had a major in Physics and Mathematics from the State University of Ohio. Further, he had undergone a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine and also completed an MBA, Master in Business Administration. It is, at the same time he was studying with numbers of spiritual teachers and saints all across the world including and chiefly from India.

Dr. Michael is also the creator, director and leader of the School focusing on the Evolution of Humanity as well as the Surya Program offering class sessions on both halves of the USA. The programs are intended to make livelier one’s profundity and making free an individual from all conditioning. The program also boosts an individual’s consciousness that already sleeps in his/her soul.  Dr. Michael Mamas‘ constant untiring search toward wisdom led this thinker to find out and undergo research under top philosophers of the US, Europe, India, China as well as Philippines. This continuous research and study hoisted the level of his knowledge and wisdom to an apex point prompting his life towards helping distressed, confused and frantic individuals by developing their natural consciousness. Eventually, he founded the CRS with a view to help people stir-up and wake up their ingrained spirituality, realization and health by means of the resources available and affordable.

He has written numbers of amazing books and articles explaining on spirituality, self consciousness and freeing self from conditions. These books can be found and bought online through Amazon.com. On CRS’s behalf, he has given lectures, interviews and meets in gatherings to help people from being lonely. This great thinker has been awarded with number of titles, out of which, a few include Adhyatm-Vidhya- Visharad, that defines Spiritual Master, received from the  Bhagavan-Yagnyavalkya-Ved Tatavagyan Yogashram and the Sanskrit College, the University of Gujarat. Michael Mamas is the foremost and only personality and spiritual leader to receive this award from the West.


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