The Right Time To Call A Tree Service Company

For a tree lover, cutting down a big tree is one of the hardest things to encounter. But there are situations when it is not possible for anyone to try and keep the tree. Like all living things, a tree can also fall sick and in such situations, there is no way out rather than taking the decision to call a professional tree service company. Tree removal is not a simple task. One cannot just cut the tree down by oneself as without the proper technique and equipment, one might just end up hurting oneself. A professional tree removal company is best called in to cut the tree down after considering certain important points like the landscape, presence of other trees in the property and more.

When To Call For a Professional Tree Service Company 

Apart from an arborist, it is hard for any lay man to know when a tree has to be cut down. It is an arboristwho can judge the present condition of the tree and suggest a tree removal in total. As pointed earlier, there are certain conditions that a tree undergoes when the strong verdict of bringing it down has to be taken. Some of the conditions include root problems, weak branch unions, cracks and dead wood and poor structure. Apart from these, there are chances that a tree is destroyed by pests and diseases.

What Are The Various Kinds of Diseases That Can Affect a Tree? 

There are various kinds of diseases that affects a tree. These are:

Canker Tree Disease- A tree affected by this disease often resembles a blister that may occur on the bark of the tree or any branch. It resembles a canker sore and comes in three forms which are Nectria, Phomopsis and Cytospora.

Heart Rot Disease- This disease is found basically in deciduous trees which are often not property pruned or has been damaged by insects or fire or animals. A fungus named Fistulina Hepatica is responsible for causing this disease that affects the tress bare wood. The best way to recognize the disease is by looking for the presence of fungus.

Powdery Mildew Disease– The presence of a white, powdery substance on the leaves of the trees are the signs to confirm a Powdery Mildew Disease. Trees growing in warm, dry climates are often known to suffer from this disease.

There are many other diseases as well like Root and Butt Rot Disease, Sooty Mold Disease and Verticillium Wilt Disease. Apart from a professional tree removal company or an arborist, it is hard to make out whether a tree is really suffering from any such disease or not. If yes, then they will help wit the tree removal. If not, they will provide the owner with proper service and maintenance instructions.

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