3 Visa Requirements Which You Must Know

3 Visa Requirements Which You Must Know

If you are going to visit US in the near future, then you are supposed to understand that there are two types of groups who apply for a tourist Visa. The first group is of those people who have strong roots in their own country like, they have a good job and they also own a house, a car or other vehicles as well. They have family commitments and in case they will over stay in the visited country, there is nobody to take care of their social commitments and things will deteriorate. On the other hand, there is a group of people who don’t have any job or business and is surviving on a little income. They are more than ready to settle in other nations for future prospects. Such people are like burden on the economic system of that country and that is the reason why they deny visa to such people. People who can prove that they will return back to their country after their vacation is over they will certainly get a Visa.

Reason for Your Visit

You are visit to see tourist places or you are visiting your relatives or friends who are residing over there. You are also willing to see the architectural marvels of that country and famous museums. In case you are travelling for business esta visa you have to clearly mention that you are going to attend a seminar and a business conference on such date. Another thing is that you are visiting it for medical treatment; show them that you are visiting for consultation purpose. You are not suffering from a contagious disease because they will immediately deny you in this case.

3 Visa Requirements Which You Must Know

How Long You Are Going to Stay?

What you have mentioned in your application must coincide with the purpose of your visit. If you are going to attend a family wedding, but planning to stay for five months is completely illogical. These are the points which consulate officer take it seriously and deny the Visa. If you have mentioned that you are going to attend a wedding and will return within two weeks, then they will allow you. On medical grounds it depends on the severity of your disease. If you are visiting for consultation, then you may require few days, but if you are going to be operated for your knee, then you can stay for a few weeks.

Strong Social and Economic Relations

If you have strong economic ties like, you have a good business to take care of or you have a job. If you have people working under you mention it in your esta visa application. You can also tell about the stocks and bonds you have invested in; you can even tell them if you have a car in your name. Social relations mean you have children and parents which you are supposed to take care of. If you are involved in the any kind of charity work and run a charitable trust mention it there. Let them know if you are organizing food for homeless and needy children. Show them if you are working for the betterment of poor children.

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