Adipex Is A Medicine For Weight Loss

The generic name of Adipex is phentermine and is generally referred to as diet pills. But since is a powerful weight loss supplement, it is largely used in medical field to treat people suffering from abnormal levels of obesity. It is actually a prescription medicine that bariatric specialists and doctors advise to their patients who are having medical problems due to their excessive weight.

The Working of Adipex

Adipex is an appetite suppressant, and that is why it is referred to as anorexiants. It is mainly used for therapeutic benefits. What it does is that it sends a signal to the nerve impulses situated in the brain which lends a sense of fullness to the user and thus removes hunger pangs. It stimulates the release of norephinephrine from the nerves in the cerebral cortex. These are also located in the reticular activating system. This is one of the most important systems in the brain because it contains a bunch of nuclei that are responsible for many behavioural patterns of the body. Appetite is one of them. This is the reason Adipex is regarded as one of the most effective weight loss supplements of today.

Dosage of Adipex

Even when doctors prescribe Adipex to patients suffering from obesity problems, it is not that they recommend it to everyone. Since each patient is different, the dosage may be different. The doctor usually studies the medical history of the patient before recommending the dosage of Adipex. The usual dose recommended ranges from 15 to 37.5 mg. Since consuming Adipex can induce sleeplessness, it is advised that Adipex be taken orally in the morning. Also, it is important to note that there are different combinations of Adipex including phentermine hydrochloride, Adipex P and even Suprenza.  For the capsules, the dose is 30-37.5 mg, for capsules of resin complex, it is 15 and 30 mg and for tablets, it is 37.5 and for dispersible tablets, there are three doses including 15, 30 and 37.5 mg. At the same time, note that it is what the doctor decides that will be the right dosage for you. Check out the directions for using this drug here.

Another form of Adipex is Qsymia, which is the brand name of a combination of Adipex, known as phentermine hydrochloride topiramate. Its dosage varies because of topiramate. For example for 15 mg of Adipex, the topiramate is 92 mg while for 37.5 mg of Adipex, the topiramate is 23 mg. Likewise the dose differs.

Generally, when the doctor prescribes Adipex for his patients, what they start with is a low dose first. The patient’s reaction to the steroid is monitored for some days and once the doctor is assured of good tolerance and no side effects, he may prescribe a higher dose if need be.

It is important to follow all the instructions regarding use of Adipex to get maximum results from it and it will also ensure that the risk of getting any harmful side effects is lower. Higher doses of any steroid do not mean will give you desired benefits sooner and that is why, it is important to use it responsibly with all the directed precautions.

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