How To Ensure Your Camping Trip Will Go Smoothly

How To Ensure Your Camping Trip Will Go Smoothly

Whether it’s your first time camping or you just need help planning the perfect camping trip, we’re here to help. It’s easy to overlook certain aspects of your trip and forget something important.

First up is arguably the most important aspect of your trip: your tent. Of course, the perfect tent will depend on the amount of people it needs to house. For larger families, there are tents that can house up to 12 people. I recommend purchasing a tent that is large enough to stand up in; your back will thank you after a long weekend!

When shopping for a tent, keep in mind that the amount of people it houses does not factor in room for gear. A tent may advertise that it fits 12 people, but this is how many can comfortably sleep with nothing else in the tent. Play it safe and opt for a larger size in order to keep all gear dry and safe on your trip. Purchasing your tent may be the most expensive aspect of your trip, but the higher quality fabric and construction will pay off in the long run. Cheaper tents are more prone to let in moisture and fall apart more easily. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your tent!

Try to arrive at your campsite during the daytime so you can set your tent up in the light. Don’t forget to bring a tarp to place under your tent and plenty of Lysol wipes to keep it clean.

Some campers prefer to bring air mattresses to their site, whereas some just use a sleeping bag. This depends on personal preference. A happy medium can be found by purchasing a fairly insulated sleeping bag placed on top of a yoga mat. If you are camping with others, keep in mind that an air mattress will take up a considerable amount of room. Bring a few sets of warm clothes; it gets cooler at night than most anticipate!

Get creative with your cooking. If your campsite offers a grill, try something outside the realm of hotdogs and hamburgers. Although those are delicious, they may get old. You can grill Portobello mushrooms, fish or eggplant. Of course, be sure to bring a cooler and lots of snacks. If you do not have access to a grill, considering purchasing a propane stove top. This broadens your cooking horizons and is great for cooking with a family.

An easy way to avoid bugs infiltrating your campsite is to make sure you properly dispose of all food and beverage containers. Keep your area clean and make sure to have your tent zipped up whenever you can. Also, keeping your camping area clean during the your trip will make it easier to pack up and leave. It is camping etiquette to not leave a trace of your trip at the campgrounds. Make sure to bring extra garbage bags to ensure that you leave no trash behind.

Do some research before arriving at your campsite. Online reviews will be packed with tips and activity ideas. Try to map out an itinerary of activities and sights to make sure that everyone is entertained. If you’re camping with kids, bring games and coloring books to entertain them during downtime. Check to make sure you know where bathrooms and access to clean water is. Just in case, pack an extra gallon of water.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack and be open to try things you haven’t scheduled. If you’re camping around others, get to know them! They may have some tips or advice that could come in handy.

Written by the staff at Quality RV, one of the leading RV dealers in Missouri. Quality RV serves the entire state of Missouri, from St. Louis to Kansas City!

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