How Safe Is Your Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves can be the cause of fires due to improper installation or insufficient cleaning and inspection of the unit. One of these fires could end up burning your floor or carpet or causing even worse damage to your home. However, these outcomes can be prevented in a few ways. You can start following these tips now to ensure that your stove will remain safe to use and that it will function as well as can be expected in the coming years.

Make sure the stove is installed in an ideal area of your home

Your stove should be installed as near to your chimney as is possible and practical. The stovepipe should be connected in a manner to ensure it is kept as short and straight as is allowable.

Keep the wood burning stove also at least thirty six inches away from material that is combustible. If this cannot be accomplished, make sure to fire-proof the stove with the appropriate materials to protect woodwork and other parts of the unit. As well, the floor that the unit is placed on should not be combustible; otherwise, a floor protector should be used. This protector should cover 18 inches or more on all sides surrounding the stove.

If you are unsure about the installation of any part of the unit, our technicians for gas stove & wood fireplaces in Victoria BC can complete the task for you, ensuring that all safety precautions are followed in the process.

Ensure you have a process for the disposal of ashes

Ashes or ember could become loose onto your floor or carpet, potentially causing a fire. Whether there is some defect in your stove or it has not been maintained properly, it is essential in any case that you have a metal container with a lid for ash disposal. Regular cleaning of the stovepipe and the chimney flu lining is also important. You should do this yourself throughout the year, and once a year you should have an inspection completed by a specialist in gas stove & wood fireplaces in Victoria BC. This specialist will also inspect your stove in general.

Look out for damage in the unit

If you notice any cracks or broken pieces, you should stop your use of the stove until you have had an inspector come look at whatever the issue is as well.

Contact us at FlameTech Heating to ensure the safety of your stove.

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