5 Reasons Text Message Marketing Is Good For Your Customers

Since the first text message was sent nearly 25 years ago, marketers have known the power, personalization and reach of SMS marketing.

80 percent of Americans have smartphones, and many more can text using “dumb” phones.

1. Texting is Easy and Convenient

As discussed in the article “5 Reasons Your Customers Appreciate Text Message Marketing,” text messages are, above all else, convenient. Research shows that by the end of 2015, 80 percent of Americans will own smartphones, with many more owning traditional, text-capable “dumb” phones. Unlike email, social media, Skype and many other communication apps, text messaging stands out because it doesn’t burn data or require the Internet to function.

2. Texting Benefits the Customer

Whether it is to receive shipping updates about a package, to communicate a customer service concern or to solicit feedback on a purchase, texting is as good for the client as it is for the business. Texting enables customers to receive news and updates without opening third-party applications or checking email.

3. Texting is a Two-Way Street

Far from just a marketing tool, texting puts the power of communication in the pocket of the customer. Texting works both ways, and when businesses use it as a customer service platform, they give their customers the opportunity to use the most familiar, simplest and most efficient form of communication available to contact the business with any concerns, issues or questions.

4. Texting Keeps Customers Informed

An astounding 98 percent of recipients open text messages shortly after receiving them. Marketing emails, on the other hand, are opened by only one in five recipients. When people opt into your list, it’s because they want to stay informed. There is simply no medium that is more useful for communicating offers, deals, sales and updates to a customer than text messages.

5. Texting is Earth Friendly

By texting mobile coupons instead of mailing paper ones – or emailing coupons for them to print – you help your customers go green, save paper, save ink and reduce their carbon footprint. This not only gives your buyers peace of mind, but it positions your company as modern, Earth-friendly and conscientious.

Above all else, texting is convenient, allowing users to use it from anywhere without burning data.

Texting is the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to reach customers – but it isn’t just a medium for marketers. Customers love its range, simplicity and its two-way potential just as much as businesses.

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