How To Manage Virtual Assistance Services?

Virtual Assistance Services Company

The history of offshoring jobs goes a long way. It is a rough estimate that offshoring started in 1960s. And since now, it has grown its value. Companies are outsourcing part of their functions to some offshoring service providers. And companies are hiring offshore virtual assistants as well. Virtual assistance (it isn’t a new term) is usually for entrepreneurs and small sized companies. Virtual assistance services can range from simple data entry jobs to remote networking assistance. Don’t underestimate virtual assistants. They’re the best alternatives one can have when in need to manage several important jobs. But it is real hard to deal with virtual assistants. You can’t always monitor them nor their work. It is hard for you train them. And it is not easy to get into contact with them, when you needed them the most. Like managing offshore employees and dealing with offshore clients, it is also hard to deal with the offshore virtual assistants.

For this purpose, I’ve written this piece of article. I have added some tips not only to manage offshore virtual assistance services but also applicable on remote employees.

Implement a Formal Policy

Whether freelance virtual assistants or virtual assistance services company, you must have some sort of formal policy. This policy might include working hours, job description, off days etc. No matter if the particular person is on your full-time payroll or working as a virtual assistant, he/she is an asset and you have the authority to take as much out of that virtual assistant. Coming on the same page is important to ensure long time working relation.

Communicate through Some Instant-messaging System

Instant messaging is one of the best forms of communication. And it is widely used in most of the IT companies. Instant messaging isn’t just only for the virtual assistants but it provides a better and easy way of communication.

Strictly speaking of virtual assistants, the gap is minimized when instant messaging serves as a bridge between the principal (the client) and the agents (virtual assistants). By this means you can train the virtual assistance service providers, you can delegate tasks easily, cross questioning can be done effectively.

Some of the vastly used instant messaging services comes from Skype, GTalk, HipChat and Chatter. These services are for free and easy to use.

Sharing, Meeting and Video Conferencing

Not only instant messaging but you need more when offshoring virtual assistance services. Communication gets better when it is face-to-face. But isn’t possible for you to talk to your offshore virtual assistants without any means of video communication. Here comes again Skype and Gtalk. You can video chat, make video conferencing, share files and can send recorded video and audio messages.

Get Cloud!

Not literally get a cloud, but it means to get services of cloud technologies. When you outsource services you need to monitor the completed assignment. Here come the services from cloud technologies. Get a cloud service. Ask your virtual assistance service provider to get the same service on their systems and share the work done or assigned jobs here on the cloud technology application

One more benefit that arrives from cloud technologies is that you don’t have to worry about the disk space. All the space is provided by the cloud technology service provider.

Some of the services comes in free. And to get more you might have to buy those services.

While you might not value them but once you’ve hired an offshore virtual assistant you’ll get to know the value of the above mentioned tips. While you’ve the option to hire freelance virtual assistance services, it is preferable and advisable to hire the services from a virtual assistance services company.

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