Food For A Healthy Mind

Over the past 10 years, more than ever, we focus on what we eat, not just as a test of your state of health but as an element that makes the difference between average IQ and high IQ. Obviously, the subject is very interesting and important when it comes to children and their diets. Proper functioning of the brain, depends more than any other organ of nutrition. It is shown that, for example, a diet rich in fat and sweets affect the memory. A change in food consumption does not mean that we have the Nobel Prize. But definitely mental performances, especially of children will increase.


Any pediatrician will strongly recommends breastfeeding. A number of studies performed under the auspices of WHO have shown – in supporting the campaign conducted by the World Health Organization – as a child who is breastfed for the first few months of life will have an IQ of from three to eight higher than a baby who does not receive breastmilk.

Proteins, secret memory

Proteins are part of the structure of brain neurotransmitters. Without a high protein intake, lowers the quality and quantity. Decreases learning, memory capacity is reduced, decreases imagination, inventiveness and creativity. Proteins are most similar to the morning meal and lunch. Children lunch should contain a large amount of protein. “An adequate protein intake reduces stress, improves concentration, delay the appearance of fatigue,” said Jean-Marie Bourre.

 In conclusion, child lunch meat must contain good quality protein, to support the energy needs of the child – sugars and fats. “I think a roasted chicken leg with a serving of green beans and a few tablespoons of sour-cream is the ideal lunch. Plus a piece of chocolate and sugar for extra energy.

It points out in his book on vitamins Group B, essential for good brain development and function. “Do not neglect the morning orange juice and healthy fats at lunch,” says Jean-Marie Bourre.

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