Things To Consider While Ordering Flowers Online

Online ordering has come as a blessing to all the business sectors, including the flower delivery industry. There is no need to visit the florist shops for purchasing flowers anymore. Also, it has become equally simpler to send a bouquet for someone who is residing in another city, or even in another country.

It does not matter if you have to send fresh flowers to Moscow or any other place, all you need is a computer or a smartphone. You can visit the online florist shops and place orders in minutes. Flowers are appreciated by one and all regardless of gender and age. Undoubtedly, girls and women value flowers the most in comparison to men.

While ordering flowers online, there are certain things to consider, which are mentioned below.

Some Precautions

If you desire to send flowers to a dear one living in another country, then it is quite important to consider the number of flowers and their colors.

For example, if the flowers are bought to be sent to Austria, then avoid sending red carnations, red roses, or even number of flowers. The reason is that red roses boast a romantic implication, red carnations are set aside for May Day, and even numbers is regarded as bad luck.

Similarly, don’t send 13 flowers, even number of flowers and red roses to Germany. Chrysanthemums are used in cemeteries, so don’t send it to any person in Western Europe.

Symbol of death differ –

  • White lilies in Wales, Scotland and England
  • Purple flowers in Brazil
  • Dahlias in Spain
  • Yellow flowers in Mexico

Never send flowers to someone in Tonga and Tanzania because flowers are not given as gift in these counties. In some places red flowers cast curse and white ones remove spell.

Meaning of Flower Colors

The colors of flowers carry a meaning. So when you decide to send flowers as gift to someone remember to select the right colored flower.

  • Blue – Calmness and tranquility
  • Burgundy – Dedicated to Michael Jackson
  • Lavender – Signifies womanhood in prime
  • Green – Optimism
  • Orange – Energy, fun and confidence
  • Peach – friendship
  • Pink – elegance, grace, caring and happiness
  • Purple – Admiration and respect
  • White – Purity and innocence
  • Red – Love, romance, passion
  • Dark red – Deep, abiding love
  • Bright red – Passion
  • Yellow – Joy, cheer, happiness, and friendship

Birth Month Flower

Every month has a flower connected with it and each of them has special meaning. If you send birthday gift then it is a good idea to consider birth month flower.

  1. January – Carnation – Admiration, pride, beauty, distinction, fascination and gratitude
  2. February – Iris – Wisdom, faith, hope, valor and friendship
  3. March – Daffodil – Joy, rebirth and happiness
  4. April – Daisy – Purity, playfulness, childlike joy and innocence
  5. May – Lily – honor, purity of heart, virtue and majesty
  6. June – Rose – Beauty, love, perfection and passion
  7. July – Delphinium – open heart and passionate
  8. August – Gladiola – moral integrity, strength, and infatuation
  9. September – Aster – Talisman of love and symbol of elegance
  10. October – Marigold – Grace and affection
  11. November – Chrysanthemum – Happiness and optimism
  12. December – Poinsettia – Good cheer and merriment

Online Ordering Tips

  • Provide the name, address and contact number of the recipient correctly
  • Place an order in advance because emergency services can be costly
  • Include a card with your name
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