10 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Websites

10 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Websites

At the precise moment that a small business owner realizes it’s time and you need to have a website and jump into the online world, a lot of events tend to occur. Having a website is to have a marketing tool to present your products and services online. If you are a visionary entrepreneur who takes every opportunity presented to you, then you must have a website for your business.

First, the small business owner knows that just do not have much time. Secondly very often do not know how to make a website for them. Finally, and this is very common, the small business does not have a lot of money to have a website that will usually take a while return on investment.

So given the above many of these people often make some mistakes the first time, and these can be easily avoided.

1) They decide to make your website a “FREE “web service. The barrier to entry is very low, however, when the website becomes an increasingly important tool for your business applications very limited and becomes NOT ok to offer something better.

2) They choose a name very poor or difficult to remember domain. A good solid domain name or website address, is a very important part of your branding efforts online in the minds of its visitors.

3) They start the whole process without a solid plan, no goals. Just jump to make a website without thinking about the future. Internet is quite variable.

4) They attack the process with abandon, rush time and resources simply by having your new site quickly. Without an orderly plan content that dies too early.

5) They just think of a nice and attractive design, Forgetting what you really want your visitors and customers.

6) Obsessed with the details (colors etc.) Of its new website, and invest little or nothing to do with the fulfilment of its goals and objectives with the website.

7) They have no idea what they really need from their website at the start and, as unrealistic expectations come to mind, become obsolete with the idea of ​​your website.

8) They think they’re getting immediate results from your website.

9) Do not understand how Google and other search engines operate.

10) They quit the process just before you are about to see success online, they are not persistent.

With a little forethought and a little research most or all of the above can be easily avoided.

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