Starting a Private Event Venue in Vancouver

Weddings, dinners, office retreats… these are just a few events people seek out private venues for year-round, which can make hosting such events a very profitable endeavor. If you’re thinking of starting up a private events venue, here’s a little advice to get you started.

Pick a Place That Can Accommodate Many People

If you still haven’t settled on a property or designated area yet, make sure to select one with size in mind. Don’t be afraid to go big: having too much room is far better than not having enough space to accommodate everyone invited to the event.

Get The Word Out There

The only way people are going to come to your venue is if they know about it. Add your property or business to web sites like Yelp, as well as social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, which you’ll be able to manage for free. You can also create your own website, which may cost money to maintain, but may make certain functions easier, and can be designed to your specifications. Also consider physical promotional material, like fliers and business, and remember that hosting an event is great advertising in itself, as attendees are likely to recommend your venue to others… provided they’re satisfied. For that reason alone, you should always do your best to meet or exceed your guests’ expectations.

Create a Calendar

The last thing you want is to accidentally book two events the same day and time. Always have a schedule on hand, either on paper or in a shareable online document that’s easy to edit.

Consider Caterers

While there are exceptions, more often than not, a private event is going to involve eating. Unless the people attending the event are bringing food of their own, you’d do well to hire a catering service to fulfill large-scale culinary needs. Work closely with the caterer planner and the person organizing the event to make sure all dietary needs of the guests are taken into account.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

No matter how polite your guests may be, there’s always a fair amount of cleaning up to do at the end of private events, especially if a large number of people have attended. Since your venue must look absolutely spotless (almost as if brand new) for the next event, it’s best to see which cleaning services in Vancouver, BC you can count on to clean your venue on a regular basis.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Implement just a few of these things and your Vancouver venue may end up being the talk of the town.

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