How to Transform Your Granny Flat Into A Modern Office On A Budget

How to Transform Your Granny Flat Into A Modern Office On A Budget

Are you a homeowner with an extra area of your home sectioned away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the flat? Perhaps it was set aside for a parent or grandparent who no longer needs it and is now just extra space that you could be making the most of. For anyone who works from home or needs a dedicated space to explore their favorite hobby, having a home office or workspace can hugely help with your productivity, especially when designed right. Here are some budget-friendly top tips and techniques to turn your granny flat into a modern and productive office adjacent to your home.

Freshen Up Your Colors

This is especially important for any spaces that have gone unloved for a while or have especially bright paintwork or wallpapers. The best colors for offices are known to be subtle and soft, even when introducing a pop of color. Think of a pastel orange over a bright red, or a lilac purple over magenta pink. Once you have the perfect color palette to work from as a base, the rest will flow much easier.

Think of Space-Saving Ideas

No one can work or create productively if they feel cramped. You’ll need to be putting in more furniture most likely, so think ahead now on where you can save space. Set cupboards and shelves up high if you have ceiling space, or make the most of corner nooks to put in fitted furniture where off-the-shelf pieces won’t fit. Planning it out in advance will set you up much better than trying to fit everything in once you’ve already bought the furniture you want. This is also a great time to sketch out a rough floor plan and take measurements. You’ll be far better informed when you visit a furniture store and won’t end up with a bunch of returns or adjustments to do.

Shop Around

Once you have an idea of what you want and how it should be arranged, now is the time to buy your furniture and fittings. Don’t fall into the trap of buying everything from one place though. Some places do desks at a great price, but their shelving units will fall apart. Look at reviews, do your research, and compare prices. Investing some extra time and effort here will likely both save you money and make sure you get the best quality for your buck.

Take it Electric

The final and often expensive step in fitting out a new office at home is kitting out with all the necessary electronics. This can really eat into anyone’s budget —but it doesn’t have to go this way. You can find refurbished computers online that work just as well as any new one, but for a far better price. Especially if you are kitting out an office for multiple people or need a lot of kit, this can be a real wallet-saver. Plus, there’s enough brand choice to fit even the pickiest of tech buffs!

Speak to the Experts

If you want your newly-refurbished space to be independent of your primary residence, as a secondary suite or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), then it’s a great idea to make sure you’re fully informed about what that entails from some experts. For an ADU Los Angeles, Levi Construction specializes in this area and can help you in a variety of ways, starting with a free consultation all the way through to electrics, plumbing, and more.

With all of these tips and ideas tucked under your homeowner DIY belt, your granny flat will be transformed in no time. Get ready to enjoy your new space and reap the benefits.

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