A Few Great Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Long-Term Storage

A Few Great Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Long-Term Storage

There is the big difference between not using your vehicle for a few days and not using it for more than 6 months. You should understand how crucial it is to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage purpose with basic service and maintenance. Yes, a proper maintenance and service will go a long way to protect your vehicle and allow you to use it again. For those peoples who have a luxury car like a Porsche, long-term storage is an obvious need every now and then. No matter if you travel more or keep the car at a lesser-used location, keeping the car well maintained and safe is really very important as it prevents common problems such as damaged parts and ruined tires.

Here is a list of a few important tips to make sure that your long-term storage experience goes off without any hassle.


Try to renew the registration of your car if it can expire at the time when you store the vehicle, or you can also set a reminder to do so when it’s due. It’s even more better if you contact your insurance agency to inform them that you are looking forward to storing your vehicle and also confirm that your vehicle is fully covered by the current insurance plan.


It’s very important that the engine and fluids of your car are in good shape before storing the car for a long term. Else, you face the risk of the vehicle not starting when you use it the next time. It’s better before taking the vehicle in for long-term storage, you fill it with gas, don’t forget the fuller the tank, the less are the chances of any buildup of excess moisture in the tank which could lead to rust.


You can use a graphite-based lubricant for locks and oil the hinges of the trunk, doors, and hood. Also, try to coat rubber parts of tires and doors with white or silicone lithium grease. By doing this freezing shut can be prevented. In case you are storing your vehicle on a stone or muddy surface, add a strong surface base like plywood below the tires in order to protect them from decay. Make sure the car is well waxed and clean as well since debris or dust can lead to not just bad odors but pests and other similar problems.


If you are planning to store your car for a long period of time, remove the battery from your vehicle. If it’s dirty, clean it with a mixture of petroleum jelly, baking soda, and distilled water, or consult an expert to do the job.


A good quality car cover protects your vehicle from dust, sun damage and dings. Buy a car cover particularly designed for long-term storage. The cover will allow your vehicle to stay good as new.

To conclude, before storing your car for long-term storage, ensure it is properly prepared by following the tips mentioned above.

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