Internet Security Tips

We live in a world where internet is a necessity and not a luxury. In fact, we are dependent on it for every basic need and want. Yes, there are a number of benefits of the internet, but safety is an issue too.

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If you are visiting any website, make sure that it begins with ‘https’. If it doesn’t, the website might be malicious. Also, look for the lock icon. If you can see it, you can be sure that the connection is secure. Continue browsing it if you like.

Safe Online Transactions

While shopping online, do not make financial transactions until you are sure that the connection is secure, and the website has taken care to provide you with a safe environment.

Strong Passwords

This is a must! With basic passwords, you are allowing hackers to decode the same and get your data with ease. So, create strong passwords that are hard to guess. Again, never keep the same password for different accounts.


Your computer’s firewall is always on.

Free Wi-Fi

We love using free Wi-Fi on the streets and in the malls and everywhere else. However, it is not secure. Hackers can use tricks to hack into your data. So, never enter passwords or make financial transactions using free Wi-Fi.

Use your mobile data instead. Yes, it is slow, but security is important.

Personal Information

On social media sites, we are allowed to enter as much data as we want. Also, there is an option to keep your data public. Don’t do that until you want strangers to know every bit of your personal information.

Businesses make their information public because they want people strangers to know about their business. This helps them popularize their business.

In your case, if you are an individual, keep as much data private as possible.

Remember Me

If you are using public computers, do not use this option.

On some sites, it is checked as ‘Keep me logged in’. Uncheck it and continue using it.

If you often forget to do so, use incognito mode. In incognito mode, there is no real need to uncheck it.

Office Email Address

Office email address should be used for official purposes only. If you use the same on social media sites too, make sure that you do not reveal too much information. Also, it is important to ask permission for the same. If your company does not allow employees to use their official email addresses on social media sites, avoid using it.

Read Books

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Note: Before choosing coupons, make sure that it is not expired.

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