Take Good Care Of Your Leotards To Enhance Your Gymnastics Performance

Leotards constitute an important part of any kind of gymnastics performance. Without it, no act can be effective as well as attractive. You must keep in mind that leotards are pretty expensive and require to be handled quite efficiently. One of the first and foremost things needed for handling these bodysuits is that you should clean them on frequent basis so there is no requirement of replacement.

Steps you should follow to Manage your Leotard

You can wash the leotards by yourself instead of sending it to a dry cleaning service provider. This way, you can ensure that the quality of your clothing remains intact. There are some steps stated below which will surely help you in making your leotard look new, glittering, and colorful:

  • Pay attention to the instructions given specifically by the manufacturer for washing your leotard. You can also click a photo of it or scan it so as to possess a kind of digital record.
  • Make sure to check your piece of clothing thoroughly for stains and dirt particles.
  • You should not rub, twist or squeeze your leotard just graft and steep the clothing.
  • The temperature of water in used for washing your leotard must be lower than 40 degree Celsius.
  • Avoid bleaching your bodysuit and use detergent which is mild in nature.

Washing Methods Used for Cleaning Leotards

There are basically two types of washing method, which are used for cleaning leotards.

  1. Machine washing

In case of machine washing, you have to first turn your respective leotard inside-out and then keep it in the machine. It will ensure that your bodysuit has longer life and there is decrease in direct wear and tear. The finishes which are done on your leotard will survive for a long period of time. Remember to use delicate washing cycle and lots of water whenever you decide to wash your leotard in washing machine.

  1. Hand washing

If you want to go for the other option, i.e., hand washing, you should use cold water and mild detergent, but not before turning the whole cloth inside-out. Don’t scrub or soak the cloth; just let it be there in the soapy water for just one minute and then take it out, unless and until there are tough stains on the cloth. Then, you just have to rinse the leotard in fresh and clean water. If you find extra water in the clothing, you should towel for removing it instead of wringing or squeezing it hardly.

Dos and don’ts

  • Change as quickly as possible once your class or competition is over so that the leotard does not get dirty.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat vents as there is always a possibility of your leotard getting damaged due to these things.
  • Don’t hang the darker part of the leotard at upper side as this can ruin the light colors.
  • Neither use dryer nor iron on it. You should always leave it to dry naturally.
  • A non-heated fan or dryer must be used in case you want your leotard to get dried quickly.

You can always get rhythmic gymnastics bodysuits online, which can fill your performance with rhythm, attraction, and brightness. Music, appearance, and mood are some of the factors which must be expressed clearly by these bodysuits. There are different types of leotards available in variety of designs, just choose the one which suits you the most and brings the best out in you.

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