Recording A TV Show While Traveling With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

You will surely get fascinated with the television programs of the country you are visiting in the country. If your laptop comes with a built in TV tuner card, you will be able to receive the television shows that are broadcast in the local channel. You should grab the opportunity to record the TV shows because you might have to wait a long time to come back visiting the country again. To record the local TV show, you will need to install a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture.

Movavi Screen Capture is easy to use for recording television shows. It features a recording frame that is adjustable on all sides. The recording frame will appear on its own without you having to navigate to the menu to launch it. The recording frame is like the camera lens and everything that occur within this frame will be captured. If you already know the resolution, you can look under the Select Capture Area drop down menu and see if it is listed there. Movavi Screen Capture gives you the option to manually enter a custom resolution.

You must first open the TV tuner software and select the channel that is broadcasting the shows you want to record. After that, you must set the recording frame over the video player in the TV tuner software. You can click on the alarm clock icon to set it to automatically stop recording when the TV shows finish broadcasting. This can save you the hassle of constantly monitoring the recording of the TV show. Get more details at  .

When the screen recording is stopped, you will see a video player with two triangles on both sides. You can move the triangle markers to tell the software which part you want to save. for example, the triangle marker tool is useful if you waste a lot of time recording something not related to the TV show in front or at the end.

Finally, you can choose the format you want to save the TV show in such as MP4 or AVI and click the Save button. Screen recorded video can be large in size if it has a long video length. You are informed of the size and length of the screencast during the recording. You can record the screencast in parts and transfer each part to an external drive if you feel that the video size is getting much too large for your computer hard disk to hand.

After saving the screencast, you can play it on your own media player to see if it the recording of the show goes smoothly. You can also save the screencast in a mobile phone compatible format so that you can watch it on your smartphone afterwards while you are on the airplane. Before clicking the Save button, you want to play the video to see if the entire TV show is recorded properly. You can press the Delete button if you feel that the recording of the TV show is unsatisfactory.

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