Where to Look For a Cheap VPS Hosting?

The worst thing that can happen is if you choose a bad hosting provider without doing any research. The same could be said when you are trying to buy new shoes. You buy them, keep going through the shop, and then you regret it because you find something even better. “You never know” – some of you would say. But wouldn’t you feel better if you felt that you did your best while searching for the new service or products?

Don’t Google It

If you would try to write cheap hosting in Google search, you would find a lot of websites with the list of cheap hosting providers. However, we need to admit that they could be far from the truth. That may happen because someone has asked to put them on the list or even paid money for that. If you would check these sites, you would mostly find the popular hosting providers there. No small companies are in these lists, which usually has the smallest prices and offer quite good service quality.

Let’s take an example. B2evolution website is the first result that we receive on Google. In its list, iPage hosting company is in the second place and it provides VPS hosting starting from $19.99 per month. Contrarily to that, a smaller hosting company called Host1Plus is not even in the list and offers really cheap VPS hosting starting from $2.5. Similar specification VPS as cheapest iPage VPS hosting plan would cost only $6 instead of $19.99. The price difference is obvious, right?  So don’t just Google it.

Promotional Sites

Moreover, a place that you could actually find cheap VPS hosting is to find promotional sites. Some of them offer hosting discounts and promo codes of various companies. At these websites you have an ability to find some great offers that would let you to buy hosting services cheaper than usual.

For example, PromoPro.com website concentrates on delivering promo codes and discounts of various products. If you would write hosting in their search, you would find out promo codes of various hosting companies. Just choose the best option and take your cheap VPS hosting straight away!

Forums of Reviews

Also, what can be better than to trust those people who have already used the service and are sure that no additional taxes or hidden payments are in those services. For this reason, checking forums and reviews about hosting companies is really beneficial.

For example, WhoIsHostingThis.com website places lots of reviews about various hosting companies. Current and former customers comment about the general performance of them. You might find some pretty great information and cheap hosting providers there. Take any useful information you can get.

There are some certain ways on how to find a really cheap VPS hosting providers. The most important thing is to stay tuned, smart and flexible and not trust any shady sources while choosing a hosting provider.


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