Need and Importance Of A Virtual Private Server

Need and Importance Of A Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers (VPS) have gained popularity in recent times. With an increase in performance and functionality, there is no gainsaying that this trend will continue for a long time to continue. The reasons why organizations would rather host their website or application on VPS are numerous.

The following reasons readily come handy for their gain in popularity:

Greater stability and reliability for basic web hosting needs

Shared web hosting will soon be a relegated to the back ground. With many hosting companies selling most of their servers and piling on so many thousands of customers on the same server, the reliability of their services will decrease rapidly.

During the hosting on a shared server, uptime and performance of your website can be affected by other sites on the same server. This gives an indication that if your web server also happens to host a 10-year-old wanna-be programmer that crashes the server, your website will be equally affected from this too. It is important to ask yourself whether you are willing to take such risks with your websites, especially if it is used majorly for business.

Greater control compared to shared hosting

Another importance of hosting on a VPS is that you get full root access to your environment. This way, if you have installed custom software, you can do so without having to wait for your hosting provider for support.

Shared web servers are usually optimized for their performance and security, and this means that there are several popular software packages that are not supported by their security restrictions. With your own virtual environment, you can circumvent all these problems.

Green technology and more efficient use of resources

Green Hosting and use of environmentally friendly technologies is now becoming a common thing. It is important you do your own part to ensure that your carbon foothold is very small. VPS Hosting can help you achieve this. With dedicated server hosting, you are grabbing all the resources of a server – which by implication, you’re the only one who benefits from the power of that server consumption. However, with a virtual private server, a dedicated server is a divided into many different virtual environments. In this way, many more people share the resources of the physical server.

Easy scalability

Established websites typically do not expect much different in the quantity of  web traffic they received. Consequently, this might not be important to them. However, for someone starting a new website with hopes to grow into something much larger, hosting your resources without any downtime is crucial to your success.

When you host with a VPS hosting account, you will be hosted in what is called a container. This container is allocated a certain amount of resources, depending on the package you purchased. The good thing about how this containers works is that they can be quickly and easily allocated more or fewer resources as you need them. For example, if you need to upgrade your RAM due to the expectation of high increase of visitors, you can simply add more RAM to your container with the click of a button. In the case of dedicated hosting, there is need to physically install the new RAM in your server – which would result in downtime and lost traffic.

Cost-effective solutions

Virtual private hosting solutions have become much cheaper than they were just a few years ago. With innovation in virtualization technologies, prices are expected to decrease. Because of this, VPS hosting is now an option for all websites of different sizes – even a new website.

A private hosting environment is around $10 – this is as cheap as many shared hosting accounts, but without the entire performance and risk problem associated with them. With a decision to move to a VPS solution, it is likely you will never look back. It is imperative to go for a provider that allows for simple management for customers to have complete control over upgrades and scaling of your solution.

The important of a virtual private server cannot be over-emphasized in this day and age. To this end, businesses are beginning to realize its underlying influence and are queuing up in numbers to have a bite of the goodies that this technology has got to offer.

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