Home Improvement Projects For The Whole Family

Imagine if little Bobby Villa had never held a hammer, a young Frankie Lloyd Wright had never encountered drafting or mini-Martha Stewart had never uttered the words “it’s a good thing.” Surely, the buildings that we now call “home” would be much less functional and esthetically pleasing. And these gifted individuals would never have reached their fullest potentials.

What if your son or daughter is an amazing architect, master-of-many-trades, or interior decorating maven in the making? One great way to enable them to explore this field of interest and develop new skills is to embark on a home improvement project that includes the whole family.

And, even if your youngster is not the next design prodigy, they will gain greater confidence, dexterity, and some handy life skills. As building expert and TV personality, Mike Holmes, tells The National Post, knowing how to hang a picture, change a door knob, fix a leaky faucet, or install a light are great skills for anyone–boys and girls–to master.

While you may not want to hand them a power saw or electric drill anytime soon, there are jobs that will suit children of almost any age.


An excellent way to get your child involved in a home renovation project is to have them paint some walls. While you will want to ensure that they are dressed in paint-friendly garb and that the floors are protected by a generous layer of tarp, you can take comfort in the fact that mistakes can be easily fixed. And acquiring mastery over a paint brush or roller will increase your kid’s self-efficacy and willingness to embrace other new experiences.


Does your child possess an excess supply of energy? They may have a natural flare for demolition. Yes, tearing up old carpet, removing old cabinets, or knocking out entire walls could prove to be a fun way to bond as a family and transform a hyperactive child into the perfect picture of serenity. “6 Fun Home Improvement Projects” does recommend wearing eye protection, adhering to safety practices, and ensuring that you don’t demolish more than you need to.


If your child has a penchant for dirt, they will likely love gardening and landscaping. Plus, no power tools are involved. Whether you invite them to dig a hole for a shrub, sow a row of seeds, water saplings, plant a tree, or help you lay a pathway, gardening, and yard work are enjoyable and educational activities that enable you to see–and, oftentimes, eat–the fruits of your labor.

Mastering Tools

Whether you and your child are tightening cabinetry hardware, fixing floor squeaks, or hanging pictures, there are tools that will need to be mastered. Before placing any tool in your child’s hands, however, it is important to ensure that it is age appropriate and used in a safe manner. Popular Mechanics, for instance, offers that a hammer is appropriate for use by most seven-year-olds, providing that it is light enough to be swung accurately and that pliers are ideal for an average eight-year-old, particularly the 6-inch, rubber-handled kind.

Yes, embarking on a home improvement project as a family will not only enable you to spend quality time together working towards a common goal, but it may just give your budding young superstar early exposure to a new passion. If you really want to hire a contractor to take on your project, this post on CoffeeWriter covers some issues to watch out for.

Have you completed a home renovation project with your children’s help? What tips can you offer?

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