Neighborhood and Culture Of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is one of the best cities of Nova Scotia State in Canada.  The cultural richness of this city is different from other cities of the state.  The city is designed in planned manner and each road crosses other on the right angle.  Drainage system of the city is quite better.  Southern end of the city is developed more as the geographical conditions of that area are better than other areas of the city. The southern end of the city has amazing buildings.  The architecture of all the building is inspired from the European style of construction.  Though, some of the buildings are there which are built in Arabic design with a mixed impact of Roman and European style.  The Halifax Harbor is one of the biggest places of the city which attract the most tourists.  Though, the floating population remains in the city throughout the year.

The neighborhood of the Halifax city is quite supporting. Bedford, Dartmouth and Timberlake lakeside are some of the places which provide faster and easier contract with the Halifax city.  Apart from the above, the finest architecture is visible in the city as Purdy’s Wharf towers. The provincial Court is also one of the best building carries historical importance.  Alongside the lake, the Point Pleasant Park is located which is one of the best visiting places in the city.  Victoria Park, Shubie Park, Sir Sand ford Fleming Park and YR National Historic site are some of the places located in the city which provide pride feeling to the residents.

Rural area of the city is also having some unique features.  Village areas of this city have some exceptions.  The standard of living of the villagers is of top class among all the rural areas in Nova Scotia.  The eastern flank of the city is the hub of villages.  Maximum rural area is localized in eastern area of Halifax.  Main occupation of the villagers is fishing, and forestry. Some of the villagers also involved in service sector at nearby towns but maximum population of villagers is involved in conventional business like mining and fishing.  In the Halifax, the rural communities are registered more than two hundred. All the communities are officially accepted and on the rural land records.

The well planned system of the rural land management is quite inspiring to other persons of Nova Scotia State. The HRM is further divided into several sub communities.  Cultural heredity of the urban area is quite advanced and deeply rooted. The increasing population of various students is the main source of changing in the cultural bases. A number of different art galleries located in the city are also the source of inspiration as well as mirror of the cultural background. The festival and other religious organizations in the city give a wide horizon to the cultural background of the city.  Almost the months have some special occasions for the festivals.  The city is also filled with a long series of the hotels which is able to accommodate the incoming visiting population.  All the hotels are available on the popular website describing all the amenities available and one just has the need to log on to

In recent past, various locations have been developed with the view of making films.  Presently film making has also become one of the best jobs for the citizens.  The streets and other famous locations of the city are being used by various film producers of Canada and neighboring country United States of America.  Various Hollywood films are pictures on beautiful natural locations of Halifax city.

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