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Online search industry is getting challenging day by day. Here challenge means competition amongst many SEO companies. Note that the size and age of an agency are often has no guarantee for reliability and high quality work. There are also some competent agencies which do a good job but the offers and price models are not acceptable.

The selection process in the field of SEO in Internet Marketing is sometimes the most sensitive:

The offers are often not comparable.  SEO agencies often work tricky in the acquisition. If you choose the wrong agency, it will cost you a lot of money: fewer sales by bad p

ositions and you

lose time also.
It is too often today that customers have neither an objective nor a budget. Before you write any SEO agencies, you have to prepare well. Only with an elaborate briefing you can find the right agency for your business.How should you prepare before the agency search

Here is some food for thought and points that you should definitely work upon. Based on these points, you can create and define which SEO budget is right for you also an informative briefing. A professional agency should make an appropriate proposal against the objectives, how they can be achieved. This proposal describes all necessities that it must have and it also helpful to make estimate of expense and time. Some companies usually have their own SEO Packages but, you can manipulate them according to your needs.


Define your goals clearly:

How much revenue / queries / clicks you want to generate?
What you want to achieve top positions?
What keywords are relevant?
What you want to overtake competitors?
Which product groups are important and which are not?

Only when you know your goals, you can calculate whether the agency is asking for right amount. Good SEO agencies usually send brief questionnaires to potential customers in order to gather necessary information.


What is your internal structure:

How fast can you make technical changes to the site / store carry?

How strong are your marketing / PR activities? (Through active PR work you can generate valuable links) What do you want to handle internally and what should make the agency?


Just think before start the online marketing activities and how you want track the results.
There are different systems: CRM, web monitoring, multi-channel tracking tools, etc.
You can for example evaluate the additional traffic?


The work is not only at the agency! Make sure that an employee has sufficient time and has the necessary qualifications. Even if you are dealing with an agency, this requires a contact.

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