When to Use a Solicitor Following an Accident at Work

Being the victim of an injury at work can be extremely severe and have a huge impact on your life, as well as your career. Even if you are able to continue to work, the effects can be long lasting and have a serious effect on how you carry out your day to day activities.

A serious accident in the workplace may leave you with problems with your physical ability. A head or brain injury may have more serious consequences, such as physical problems with your movement and coordination, as well as serious problems with your memory and your attention span. It may be the case that the physical problems can be overcome and you learn to adapt in your day to day life, but cognitive problems may affect your personality. This can result in serious changes that impact on work and your personal life, especially with regard to your quality of life and relationships with family and friends.

When to consult a solicitor

When such a serious situation occurs, it is advisable to get legal advice from a head injury specialist solicitor, who has expertise in this field. Many firms of solicitors will have a department that deals specifically with serious injury and will be in a position to assist you in claiming compensation. If it is established that the injury is going to have a severe impact on your future, this is when you would need to consult a solicitor to commence a case for compensation on your behalf. An experienced lawyer will ensure that you get the maximum amount due to you to assist you in the future, taking into account all aspects of your injury and the full impact this will have on your future.

Making a claim for compensation

As soon as you have established that your injury is the fault of a third party you can instruct a solicitor to start your claim. Compensation will be based on a number of factors, which include any current pain and suffering, future financial concerns if you are unable to return to work and any expenses you have had in relation to your injury, for example, expenses if you have had to travel to an expert for care or treatment, or have had to pay to go privately. Many factors will be taken into consideration and a qualified solicitor will explain all of this to you as soon as you employ them to work on your behalf.

A good company will have a team of specialists ready to deal with every aspect of your case and will have seen many clients go through similar cases, so you should feel assured that you will be treated fairly and with compassion. They will ensure that you are assisted in receiving the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve and a high level of medical care, support from specialists if required and aid towards rehabilitation where this is an option.

Sharon McQueen has been writing about law and legal issues for many years, specifically on personal injury claims and contributes pieces to many legal websites and blogs. She has written in an advisory capacity on occasions on when it is advisable to consult a head injury specialist solicitor.

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