Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Buying your teenager his or her first car is a big step. Your teen will have the ability to go wherever they want, whenever they want. There’s a lot to consider before you purchase that car. Here are a few tips for what to consider before you do.

Get Some Advice

If your teenager is pestering you about a car but you’re really not sure, get some advice. Grab your laptop and head to Truly Mama. Here you can consult with other mothers and see what they think about getting your teen a vehicle. You can learn when other moms gave their kids cars and what they considered when they did so.

People love getting advice. It helps them feel connected and understood. Get that same feeling from an online community and you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed with this big step.

Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Think About Your Teen’s Maturity

One of the most important things to consider if your teenager’s maturity. He might be of driving age and maybe he already has his license, but does that mean he’s ready to have his own car? Not necessarily.

If you’re worried your kid might take her car and go on a crazy road trip across the United States without your permission, maybe wait to give her her own mode of transportation. Tell your teen he can have your car on certain days. This gives him the chance to explore his freedom within your parameters. Then your teenager can prove that he or she can handle the responsibility of having a car.

Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Consider the Future

Your teenager has a lot of decisions still to make in her life. She’s applying to colleges or jobs and trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. It’s important to consider the future when you think about buying her a car.

If she’s looking at colleges across the country, don’t worry. A great car shipping company like Easy Car Shipping will make sure her vehicle goes with her. This way, your family isn’t stuck with an extra car when she leaves or the hassle of trying to drive it cross country to meet her in Los Angeles. Car shipping is a great experience and there are no hidden fees.

Make a plan for what you’ll do with your teen’s car in the future and if you’re buying her a new car, make sure she likes it and will take good care of it. The last thing you want is to drop money on a brand-new vehicle only to have her drive it into the ground.

Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Up Your Car Insurance

If you want to add your high school-aged teen to your car insurance, it’s going to cost you. A young driver could make your deductible leap, so know what it’ll cost you before you buy the vehicle or add him to your insurance plan.

It’s a good idea to add him to your policy when he’s beginning to learn to drive and having him join your insurance will be cheaper than getting him his own. See if having your teenager complete a defensive driver course will help give you a lower rate. You could also ask your teenager to contribute to the monthly car insurance payments. This will teach him what it costs to keep a car on the road and can be a good choice for teenagers who need to learn a little more responsibility.

Tips For Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

Getting your teen a car can be great for both of you. It’ll give him or her a mode of transportation and a chance to learn responsibility. Plus, it’ll give you a break from carting your kid around. Consider the logistics of buying him or her a car before you take that step.

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