How To Not Be Depressed

How To Not Be Depressed

In our fast paced society there is not a lot of time left for community. This has lead to many people feeling isolated and as a result many cases of depression have developed. 5.5% of the Canadian population now experience depression every year. Depression is a dark mental illness that is very tough to overcome, but with the right support and treatment many people have beat it for good. But when you are so far into a depressive state, how do you combat it? There are a few key factors that therapists have identified as strong contributors to depression, so read on to see how you can avoid them.

The first thing to know about depression is that there is a common feeling of worthlessness amongst those who are struggling. Know that you are worth something, there is nothing wrong with you, and do not let this illness tell you otherwise.

Some of the most common leading factors to depression are stressful life events and unsupportive relationships. This is no surprise as both of these things can take a toll on the body and mind. Some theories indicate that if a person does not have someone to empathize with their situation, those feelings will be repressed and may resurface later as depression. Negative self talk also contributes to depression, which can be sparked by rejection from others. It is important to talk about negative feelings with a supportive recipient as internalization of any negative events can bring on depression. It is very easy for depression to develop if any of these states of mind are present.

Shortly after experiencing these types of feelings, those with depression withdraw from their supports, do not care for themselves, and find it hard to engage in activities that they may have previously loved. If you notice this is yourself or others, seek help- there is a way out to cure this feeling!

The road to overcoming depression involves a lot of bravery to face pain, unpleasant thoughts, and negative feelings- but you don’t have to do it alone. Since avoiding these feelings is where depression develops, facing them head on may cause depression to dwindle. Working through these things with a therapist, family member, or close friend is where the road to recovery begins. After this comes self acceptance, goal setting, and healthy relationship building.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, let the team at Heart & Oak Therapy be the support in your journey to a renewed spirit and a healthy mind. Contact us today to get started with your Victoria BC counselling.

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