5 Must-Have Features of Helpdesk Ticketing system

When you are searching for a new helpdesk ticketing software for your business, you will find programs everywhere which offer a range of different options and features. Here are five features we think you can’t afford to miss out on if it means you are going to have the best helpdesk ticketing system on the market.

Intuitive User Interface

One of the first things you should look at is whether or not the ticketing software you are considering has an intuitive user interface. Your IT technicians should have no problem using the software and should find it intuitive to use after a short introduction. If they frequently find that they are running into issues while completing the simplest of tasks, it might be worth searching for an alternative which they find easier to use.

Automatic Prioritising

When your clients log a complaint in the system, it will generate an automatic ticket. What you need is a system which is capable of reading this ticket and placing it in the best order within the existing jobs. If the issue is particularly urgent, the system should be able to recognise this and will reorganise the existing jobs to make room for this new one.

Self-Help Guides

Once your clients have logged their complaint, they might have a bit of a wait until a technician is able to get to them. In the meantime, the helpdesk should be able to offer them some choice in whether or not they want to attempt to fix the problem themselves. The self-help guides will be clear for everyone to follow and will detail a number of easy tasks for someone to complete to try to fix the problem for themselves. If they can do so, it will free up time for the technician which otherwise would have been spent on something fairly trivial.

Live Chat

Another feature you should always look for in helpdesk ticketing software is a live chat function. Technicians should be able to use this to chat with both their clients and each other to be able to share information in the best possible manner. Live chat enables everything to be sorted out in real-time so everything can be completed in the most timely and efficient manner.

Report Configuration

While two companies might choose to use the same software, they might want very different things from it. The best way to analyse these things is by taking a look at the data produced by the system. You should be able to input any parameters you want to be able to get the data you need. If a system does not allow you to easily choose how you want your reports generated, you should look for one which accommodates this.

These are five key features which you should always have in your helpdesk ticketing software. If your current software does not have these features, you should seriously consider upgrading to a new one soon. Take a look and see what you can find; there might be a better solution waiting for you!

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