Choosing The Right Speakers

The cold weather is finally over — meaning it’s time to open your windows and blast some music! Unfortunately, you may have a problem a lot of people face — not having good enough audio amplification to impress your guests. Nobody likes to have people over and only be able to provide them with thin, tinny music.

Fortunately, a good set of speakers today is a lot more accessible and portable than the same even ten years ago. Electronics have advanced significantly in the past few years. If you haven’t been listening to anything but your laptop speakers when you set out to buy a new set, you’re not going to believe your ears.

Though nice speakers today are a bit more affordable, they’re still a big investment. How do you choose the perfect speakers?


Speakers come in an extremely wide range of prices. You can get a set for $20 or less — but don’t expect quality at that cost. On the other side of the coin, you can drop several thousand dollars to purchase a deluxe speaker set. While you’re going to get a certain level of sound quality when you accept the hefty price tag, don’t assume that the most expensive speaker set is going to deliver the highest quality audio.

Figure out how much you’re looking to spend on a set of speakers. Also bear in mind that in many cases, the same product can be bought cheaper online from a number of sources. If you see a speaker you have your heart set on that falls outside of your budget, poke around a little on the internet to see if you can buy it wholesale or used.


Where do you want your speakers to be in your home? Alternatively, do you want your setup to be more portable? The logistical considerations behind buying a speaker set are extremely important. The layout of your furniture and the material a room is made of can both have a big effect on sound quality. There are a few tricks for amplifying sound in your home you might consider when browsing for your dream speakers.

Also be sure to not buy speakers which are too big. It may seem like a great idea in the store to buy the biggest set you see, but it’ll get less fun quickly when your purchase doesn’t fit through your door.


These speakers are going to belong to you, so how they sound to your ears is the most important thing. Compare the sounds of various speakers carefully before making a decision. Trust your ears.


If you follow these tips, the speaker you purchase is going to be your new favorite object. Impress your friends (and maybe not your neighbors) by using this guide to buy the perfect speakers for your needs.

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