Where You Go Wrong While Putting On Makeup?

We all dream of a smooth and flawless skin, hence we look for all kinds of ways of having one. The UV rays cause some disorders to our skins such as skin cancer, pesky wrinkles, dark spots and premature aging. As we strive to keep our skins healthy, we end up making some dire mistakes. Here are some of them:

1. You Apply Sunscreen while you are Outside

Most of us apply the sunscreen when we are sunbathing; this is one of the worst summer sunscreen mistake. Medically, one needs to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before the sun hits you. This helps the skin to absorb it and ensure that it working to prevent UV exposure. While at home, one takes time and does it carefully ensuring all body parts are applied.

Whether cloudy or sunny the sunscreen is a must do thing. The sunrays penetrate the clouds, haze and fog making our skins vulnerable to UV exposure. UV rays are invisible. For some of us, the belief that you will be in office or in house the whole day makes them skip applying sunscreen on that day. The sunrays can penetrate through windows and also while driving. Thus, apply it daily after showering.

2. Being Too Stingy while Applying Sunscreen

A golf ball-sized squirt is the required amount of sunscreen that will cover your entire body. This may be a little tricky to have a standard amount to apply as our body volumes vary. The less you apply to your body the more vulnerable your skin is to the UV rays. Use evenly to cover the skin. This means you should restock your sunscreen several times each summer.

3. You Miss Common Spots such as the Ears, Scalp and Lips

While applying sunscreen, we focus on the legs, arms, chest and face forgetting other body parts that are too exposed to the sun. This may lead to skin cancer on these areas. It is common to find sunburns on the lips, ears, scalp, and front and back of the neck. Use a lip balm that is medically proven while using the sunscreen evenly all over your body.

4. You believe Black Beauties are Safe

One who has a dark patches is said to have a natural sun protective factor (SPF) between 5 and 8. Dark skin people have a higher melanin, which minimizes a person’s risk of burning but isn’t entitled to 100% protection. It may not be easy to observe sunburns or marks made from exposure of the UV rays thus when skin cancer is detected it tends to be on the extreme point. Thus, it is advised that all skin colors must wear sunscreen daily to prevent or incur skin disorders.

5. Assuming High SPF Makes Our Skin Sun Immune

People have a false sense of security that once they have slathered themselves with the sunscreen they can spend longer hours on the sun with no skin effect. A study published by International Journal of cancer found that those who used SPF 30 spent more time in the sun than those who used SPF 10. This creates a higher risk of sunburn and also skin damage. Sunscreen does not protect our skins a 100%. Wear a hat, sunglasses and other protective clothes during intense hours. Ensure that your skin is not exposed to the sun for longer hours.

6. Use of Sunscreens that are Old

It is high time that you clean up your make-up bag. What is the expiry date of your sunscreen lotion? Expired lotions are more harmful than not applying it at all. Old sunscreens may not provide proper protection to your skin. As long as the sunscreen tube is one year old, it is best to dispose it. Heat can cause the active ingredients to disintegrate causing an infection on skin.

7. You don’t Reapply Frequently

Not all formulas are water resistant hence after outdoor activities like swimming a reapply is needed. To those lounging at the beaches, one needs to reapply one’s sunscreen after two hours. This will improve its effectiveness and render your skin less vulnerable to the UV rays. As the skin is using up the ingredients of the lotion, one is required to reapply twice a day.


It may take time to adjust to these changes, but remember that health is wealth. Make it a rule that this should be a must have lotion or spray in our make-up kits. Unlike other make-up stuff, this one enhances healthy skins and prevents impending skin disorders. It takes a few bucks to look good but millions to recover back the good looks.

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