Things to Consider Before Installing Turbocharger System

Many people want to add turbocharging feature to improve the performance of their cars. However, this can be a problem if we are limited by a shoestring budget. It is important to know whether our turbocharging solution is fuel efficient. Turbocharger uses the exhaust gas of our car to cram more air into the engine. Without extra force, standard car engine can’t compress more air into the piston chambers due to the negative pressure. If the turbocharging feature is forced into our car’s engine, it will have higher efficiency when burning fuel. It means that our car will have higher performance. Turbochargers are often used on diesel engines due to a number of reasons. Standard diesel engines are over-built and they are able to withstand more pressure than the one designed by the manufacturer.

Power output of diesel engine is usually lower than gasoline engine. So, many owners of diesel cars want to improve the performance by using turbochargers. Unlike normal gasoline engines, diesel engines are not affected octane rating. As long as fuel is pumped into the chamber, the ignition will occur. If more air is crammed into the chamber, we should be able to obtain more performance. However, we should be aware of disadvantage related to using turbochargers for diesel engines. As comparison, gasoline engine with turbochargers are able to perform better, but it may require more maintenance and adjustments. When we install turbochargers on gasoline engines, we should be aware of a number factors.

Gasoline engines have lighter construction. When extra air is added into the chamber, the pressure and heat will reach a level higher than the normal specifications. It is often better to buy gasoline-powered cars with built-in turbochargers than installing a separate turbocharging kit. Cars with stock turbochargers usually have engines that can withstand the extra power, torque and pressure. When using turbochargers, we shold consider about the autoignition temperature and the octane rating of the fuel. When the compressed air inside the chamber is further compressed by the turbocharger, premature detonations may occur when we use low octane gasoline. Maintenance of turbocharger for gasoline engines can be more expensive.

In general, we should look for ways to reduce the costs of using turbochargers for our cars. The price could depend on the type of turbocharging system and the car model. So, if we want to buy a car with additional turbocharging system, then we should choose the one with diesel engine, because it’s more durable. Cars with reliable turbocharging system should have excellent resale value and we don’t need to expect a rock bottom price. If we prefer a gasoline car, we should choose the one with built-in turbocharger, because the system should be more durable. Some turbocharging system uses HOD technology, which compress hydrogen into the combustion chamber. This ensures cleaner emission and more efficient fuel burning. HOD also increase the octane level of gasoline to preven knocking and the engine will be quieter. The temperature of the turbocharged engine will also be lower.

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